Weaving Internal Medicine with
Integrative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer

Simon Yu, MD

My approach

“Think differently! We must correct the underlying problems that cause our illnesses. By doing so, our bodies correct themselves and return to optimal health.”

We help patients on their journey and quest for health, developing tailored plans to combat hidden health threats, and restore the body’s condition of a healthy terrain.

We help doctors and dentists learn forensics to detect hidden health threats by offering training on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment Training (AMA).

We provide educational resources for those who want to learn more about the root causes of chronic diseases, how to detect and address them, and help restore health.

Simon Yu, MD

Prevention and Healing, Inc.

Dr. Simon Yu

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Our Team

Dr. Simon Yu, MD

Dr. Simon Yu combines Internal Medicine with Integrative Medicine, and founded Prevention and Healing, Inc. in 1996. He has been practicing Internal Medicine for 35 years, Integrative Medicine for 25 years, and worked as a medical director and physician at a regional HMO for 10 years. He served as a medical officer in the US Army Reserves for 25 years, retiring as a full colonel.

Dr. Yu received his medical degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed residency training at St. Mary’s Health Center in St. Louis. He has a B.S. from Washington University and an M.S. through a Washington University Medical Center-University of Missouri-St. Louis joint program, with research on Immunology. He also studied acupuncture for 300 hours at a program housed at Stanford Medical School. Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Yu lectures around the world and has studied Biological Medicine extensively in Europe. He organized ten International Integrative Medicine Conferences in St. Louis. Dr. Yu offers Training on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) twice a year in St. Louis for doctors, dentists and health professionals. He gave his first International AMA Training in Germany in 2019. Dr. Yu makes frequent lecture and study trips in the US and overseas, speaking at many innovative medical and biological dental conferences, including Medicine Week in Germany, as part of his lifelong quest for learning.

Professional Organizations: American College of Physicians (ACP), American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), and other integrative medical organizations.


Watch Dr. Yu’s interview on his new book by Doug Kaufmann of Know the Cause on YouTube.

Watch Dr. Yu’s presentation at The Forum for Integrative Medicine conference in March 2020.

Hear Better Health Guy’s podcast with Dr. Simon Yu.

Read “COVID-19 and Hidden Coinfections” in The Health Care Blog.

Additional Team Members

Pingfan Liu

Pingfan Liu, OMD, LAc

Oriental Medical Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist

Call our office, 314-432-7802, to make an appointment with our acupuncturist Dr. Liu.
Chaplain Paul Johnson

Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, MDiv

Director of Health and Wellness Resources

To contact Chaplain Paul, call 314-440-1527, our office, or email pjoh420@aol.com.

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We are hiring a full time Certified Medical Assistant. Salary based on experience. Please email your resume, with CMA in the subject line, to: preventionandhealinginc@gmail.com.