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Medical Acupuncture on Triple Warmer Meridian: Adrenal, Thyroid, Lyme, and Breast Cancer

Any infections or environmental toxins will eventually stress your endocrine system and it will disturb the acupuncture Triple Warmer meridian. The ancient description of the Triple Warmer (TW) meridian may seems strange to Western medicine but TW function corresponds to the endocrine system…

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Medical Acupuncture on Stomach Meridian: Global Whining and Fearmongering to Global Healing Rebellious Stomach Nobel Prize

I recently lost a patient who died from stage 4 esophageal cancer who also had parasites, fungi, and bacterial infections, and was exposed to massive petrochemical products while working on as a road crew many years ago… He was too far advanced for any response…

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Twilight Zone in a Dental Chair: MAD at the Sense of Non-Sense in Medicine

Sitting in a dental chair is like entering the Twilight Zone: the popular 1960’s TV show which unfolds with eerie – and predictably unpredictable – outcomes. I send many patients to biological dentists with trepidation, into an unknown new dimension, to help them heal from chronic Lyme, cancer, neurological disorders, rheumatism, asthma, IBS and more…

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COVID19, FUO and UFO Phenomenon: Ivermectin to Treat Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO)?

Coronavirus is a perfect storm pandemic virus – novel so unknown to the human immune system, easy to spread even when asymptomatic, sometimes hard to detect, unpredictable, and especially deadly in those with preexisting conditions… As a “Parasite Guy” – not by degree or training, but by US Army Reserve Medical Corps experience – I have learned to look more deeply into both evolutionary biology and how to repurpose medications. Ivermectin is…

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