AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Asymmetric Threats Cancer, Post-Lyme, & Chronic Diseases

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Dental, Parasites/Fungi

What would you do differently if you find out that persistent, post Lyme-like syndromes, and certain cancers, are caused by unrecognized hidden parasite infections and/or dental-related problems? Have you ever wondered why you got sick, and wondered why your medical doctors did not know why, and what is wrong with you? If unexplainable, persistent, post Lyme-like syndromes – and some cancers – might be caused by unrecognized hidden parasites and/or dental-related problems, would you take a different course of action?

The crux of the problem is that there are no reliable tests available to detect parasites based on current medical technology, and dental problems are considered separate from current medical conditions. An understanding of ancient Energy Medicine – based on acupuncture meridians – updated to the digital and quantum world – may enable physicians and dentists to connect these dots, and make sense of missing links when all else fails with modern medicine’s diagnosis and treatment.

When you have been treated for Lyme disease and coinfections with aggressive antibiotic therapy – or cancer with chemotherapy – and you are still facing persistent post-Lyme symptoms or a recurrence of cancer, you cannot expect to win with a different combination of the latest antibiotics or chemotherapies. In other words, you can’t keep doing the same thing, and expect different results.

These major overlooked and unappreciated problems – parasites including fungi and mold, and dental problems – might be also planting seeds of deception for the development of cancer, heart disease or weird unexplainable auto-immune, digestive, metabolic or neurologic disorders. How? They wreak havoc on your microbiome and Biological Terrain.

The microbiome – many different form of bacteria within us – is a popular new term to explain gene transfer, metabolism, evolution, and co-creation of the human species. The microbiome is the key part of your “Gut Terrain” that enables you to digest food and convert it to energy to feed your cells and body. It helps synthesize neurotransmitters and modify your metabolism, and also helps clear you of waste and toxins through the lymph, organs of elimination, and much more – including your “gut feelings.”

Parasites, fungi, and dental-related problems are the major unrecognized hidden disruptors of your biological terrain. Parasites are not a part of your microbiome but an advanced life form, classified in the kingdom of Animals, living in your body without permission: unwanted, sneaky, potentially dangerous guests. “Parasitic relationships” in the microbiome is another topic.

What is the connection between these invaders of the microbiome and biological terrain, and chronic diseases and cancers? In a nutshell, your medical problems may not be what you think, or what you have been told or diagnosed. My 2010 book, Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients, outlined the general concept of biological terrain, quantum effects in biology and medicine, and presented five elements as focal points for treatment of root causes of chronic diseases:

  • Parasite elimination with natural and prescribed medications
  • Detoxification including removal of mercury amalgam
  • Detecting and eradicating hidden dental infections
  • Resolution of food allergies
  • Nutritionals and dietary support

The paradigm is rapidly shifting. Most integrative, functional, and alternative medicine physicians have a good understanding of the importance of detoxification of heavy metals with chelation therapy, the food allergy rotation diet, and nutritional-dietary support. However, when it comes to parasites, fungal and dental-related problems, it is still a “lost cause” for most patients and physicians, because there is no reliable way to detect them, and physicians have no training to detect hidden dental-medical problems.

Sending the patient back to their regular dentist may not the best solution, since the dentist may have made the medical condition worse with root canals, amalgams, implants and/or unnecessary wisdom teeth extraction, potentially leading to a cavitation or jaw infection. Redoing the same medical tests at different labs will be frustrating and fruitless.

When all else fails, and you are still not well (and perhaps getting worse), it is time to re-visit the 5,000 year old disruptive technology of Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA). AMA can be used to uncover known “unknown unknowns:” parasites, fungi and dental-related problems. Cancer and post-Lyme are engaged in unconventional asymmetric warfare with patients. We cannot counter with conventional warfare and expect to win. We must counter-engage with unconventional medical strategies to disrupt, neutralize the enemy, and defeat asymmetric threats.

Fighting cancer and chronic diseases – a monumental challenge – can sap every part of your energy, family, finances, work, strength and enjoyment of life. You will need two things to begin this challenge. First, you will need a quest: the will to fight, the will to do what it takes to get better, and never give up. Second, you will need a battle plan to confront asymmetric threats. This journey of healing is your story.

My next project, my new book, will explain in greater depth how, why, and what kind of parasite and fungal medications to use based on acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA). It will expand on controversial topics like dental-related “incurable” medical conditions. It will also add new information on unconventional ways of detecting fungi and mold, highlighting the role of fungal mycotoxins and biofilms as another form of parasitic invasion fueling cancers and chronic diseases.

Dental is the most difficult and often most expensive part of medical care, ignored by many. The financial burden of undoing dental-related medical problems – without guarantees for success – are the number one reason why patients drop out. Delaying, dodging, or skipping proper, biological dental care may undo all your efforts to eat healthy and live healthy, and blow up on you. My next book will be called, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine, for those slackers. Stay Tuned. Stay away from fake news, sushi, wrong dental chairs, and endless medical doctors’ visits.