Accidental Cure for Cancer, A Tribute to Dr. Hulda Clark

by | Sep 15, 2009 | Cancer, Therapies

One of my patients with breast cancer, Janet, gave me a book to read. I read the book. It was written by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. It was her latest, and final book, The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers. I was already familiar with her work for several years since I had read her previous books and met her.

In September 2009, I attended the 37th Annual Cancer Convention in Los Angeles, California. At the conference, they announced Hulda Clark passed away at age 81. I met her on two occasions at another medical conference. She was one of the most brilliant medical research scientists on cancer. She was also a very humble person who had the audacity to write two books with bold claims right in their titles, The Cure for All Disease, and, The Cure for All Cancer.

Her theory on cancer is definitely unorthodox, somewhat confusing, and hard to grasp. I won’t discuss her latest book which describes every step of how we acquire cancer and how to beat it. I encourage you to read it yourself.

However, I share many common approaches to cancer with Hulda Clark: parasites, hidden dental problems, heavy metals, allergies, inflammation, nutritional support, and body detoxifications. She also explores many topics which seem too esoteric and controversial to understand at the current thinking of medical science. These need to be further validated. The question is how much validation does conventional medicine need to take her ideas seriously?

Some of my patients beat the odds of dying from cancer despite advanced stages of cancer. Some of them refused surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Some went through these same treatments while I was supporting them with nutritional therapy and detoxification. Here are some of their stories.

Florence, an 86-year-old woman from Chicago, came to see me in 1998 with squamous cell cancer of the tongue which had been resected one year before. Cancer came back and her doctors wanted her to go through radiation and possibly more resection. Part of my recommendation was to remove all of her amalgams by a dentist.

Two month later, I saw Florence and she told me her cancer of the tongue spontaneously resolved one month after half of her amalgams have been removed. Her oral surgeon stated he had never observed a spontaneous healing in his medical career. Florence passed away of natural causes at age 94.

Janet, the woman who gave me Hulda Clark’s book, had a history of breast cancer since 1997. She refused chemotherapy and radiation and came to see me in June 2002. She had three root canals and seven amalgams. During the course of detoxification and nutritional support, she didn’t complete her dental work. Her cancer gradually progressed and metastasized to her spine, leg and pelvic bone.

Later, she did finally complete her dental work by extracting the root canals and replacing the amalgams after some initial resistance. She also had multiple rounds of parasite medications, intense detoxification, and IV (intravenous) nutritional therapy with high doses of vitamin C. Her battle with breast cancer is not yet over, however she still works part time as a hairdresser, doesn’t take any pain medication, and still manages to travel. At the time of this writing (September 2009), she is in Germany visiting her husband’s family.

Roseann, an 86-year-old woman, came to see me with a grim prognosis of kidney cancer metastasized to the lung. She was told she had three months to live and maybe a slightly longer life expectancy with chemotherapy. She refused chemotherapy and came to see me in August 2007. As a part of the treatment, she received parasite medications Alinia, praziquantel, and ivermectin, along with nutritional support and body detoxification programs. As of July 2009, there are no signs of active cancer. She is feeling well and ready to move to a senior living apartment for independent living.

Kevin, a 45-year-old man, came to see me in September 2005 with a rare cancer, thymoma, which had metastasized to the lung. He also had myasthenia gravis. I started him on intense IV nutritional therapy and body detoxification while he was undergoing multiple chemotherapy treatments at the hospital including experimental chemotherapy medications. He has been one of the few patients responding to the experimental chemotherapy without any obvious side effects.

Was he lucky that the conventional therapies are working or did the additional nutritional therapies and detoxification make a difference? Were all the above cases just random luck? Or is there a legitimately valid methodology to looking at health and healing from this very different perspective compared to conventional medical thinking?

My therapy does not target or kill cancer cells. My therapy is designed to support your immune system through a systematic approach to eliminating known toxins, allergens, and infections in the body. Toxins, like heavy metals, dental infections, and parasites, are eliminated while the patient is provided full nutritional support including IV nutritional infusions. Some of my patients don’t tell their oncologist that they are on nutritional and body detoxification programs. One of the most common comments I get from my patients is that their oncologist states they are star patients who respond to chemotherapy and show minimal signs of side effects.

I believe cancer can be cured with or without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery depending on your belief. I do not treat cancer. I treat the whole body to support the immune system. During this process, you will sometimes observe a spontaneous healing. I call that an Accidental Cure for Cancer.

This article is dedicated and a tribute to the memory of Dr. Hulda Clark, a brilliant medical scientist, humanitarian, and a humble person with a great concern for humanity. To learn more about Accidental Cure for Cancer and related topics, come to the Sixth International Conference on Biocybernetics and Energy Medicine in Saint Louis on October 9-11, 2009. For more information on the conference, check the conference page on and spread this information to others.