AMA Training: New Ways to Help Diagnose and Treat Chronic Disease Patients

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Professional Training

Over the years, physicians and dentists have learned to use increasingly sophisticated laboratory, electromagnetic and radiologic methods to detect physical problems that are not “in plain sight.” We use microscopy to detect abnormalities and infections in blood and urine samples, and now immuno-assays and PCR analysis.

We use X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs and PET scans detect physical abnormalities, cysts, tumors, and the physical manifestations of infection and inflammation. EEGs and EKGs measure brain and heart activity, and nerve conduction tests measure transmission of signals to limbs. We have sequenced the human genome, and catalogued a wide range of infectious diseases, vectors and environmental toxins.

Given this, why are so many patients facing chronic diseases, and so many challenged by diseases of unknown origin, or unexplained illnesses? What are we missing? Join me at one of two sessions – April 27-29, 2018 or August 24-26, 2018 – to learn about Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA). This technique combines the art of diagnosis of imbalances along acupuncture meridians with the science of measurement developed by German biological medicine.

AMA sheds light on “hidden invaders.” Heavy metals, chemicals, additives, dental infections and inflammation, and a spectrum of pathogens change the “biological terrain” of the body, including electron flows, cellular metabolism, the microbiome, and more. These changes are overlapping and synergistic, and lead to inflammation and chronic diseases. The session is in depth, hands-on, and will deepen your knowledge base of how to treat them.

Feedback from Attendees at Past Training Sessions

“We have known about this technology since the 80s and are grateful there is resurgence in its popularity. We came for Dr. Yu’s experience. We have very tough patients; more than ever before. We believe it is time to mainstream the information. The course was thought provoking. The class was a delight.” (Texas)

“I’ve known Dr. Yu for over 20 years now and developed an appreciation for his knowledge, skill, passion, and ambition. Dr. Yu invited me to attend and learn more about his approach to parasites. I have previously learned how effective they are treating my own patients, and I wanted to expand that knowledge. The course was fantastic, well organized, excellent take-home information.” (N. Carolina)

“This was my second time. I attended first time in March 2015. I received my equipment after a few months and at that time being too busy doing other things in my practice I lost the touch on AMA and so decided to come again. This time I had a much better grasp of the technique and hope to start checking on patients’ meridian and hopefully help someone. Dr Yu has set up right way to teach and the length of time is adequate.” (Texas)

“Dr. Yu’s diagnostic AMA and his prescription way to counter the incurable diseases especially enchanted me because of its scientific and evidence based methodology. I was greatly interested in his way. All seminar hours were good including dinner evening and practicing with the machines. Almost every day I’ve been practicing AMA here in my office for the last four weeks.” (South Korea)

“It was a unique experience to attend the AMA Workshop with Dr. Simon Yu! I am using this for the past 15 days. I am learning AMA through my already diagnosed cases of heart and kidney failure etc. To my surprise, most of them have dental issues, like root canals, caries and amalgam fillings. It’s a new insight to me. I became more confident now in treating my chronic patients.” (India)

Why AMA Training?

I have been incorporating Acupuncture Meridian Assessment as part of my medical evaluation for almost twenty years. It has led to rather unique accidental discoveries of parasites, fungi and molds, heavy metals, and dental related medical problems, among others, that are often overlooked by conventional and alternative medical doctors. However, when these are addressed, conditions that are difficult to heal often get resolved.

This special training for medical, dental and other prescribing health professionals is designed to help you quickly obtain information from patients through the use of Acupuncture Meridian Assessment. AMA method is an updated digitized, simplified, modified version of EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll) and should not be confused with classical German EAV or Electrodermal Screening.

My primary focus is to teach practitioners how to check essential acupuncture points to look for disturbances which might be an indication of parasites, fungi or dental problems. This training includes many clinical case histories with diagnoses, treatments and results that can occur when prior numerous doctors and specialists did not succeed.

As practitioners, we cannot make a final diagnosis based on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment alone, but it can be a valuable tool to assist your clinical decision making. It offers a quick insight – Pattern Recognition – into initiating treatment and monitoring the progression of healing. AMA can be applied in conjunction with standard medical/dental evaluations.

The class consists of lectures and lots of hands-on boot camp drills over two and a half days, Friday am – Sunday noon in St. Louis, MO. Classes are small, hands on, somewhat experimental, and spontaneous. For more information on AMA Training and how to register, please see the Special AMA Training Announcement on my website.