Believe in Spontaneous Healing: Medical Spiritual Wellness for Bushwhackers

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Chronic Disease, Self-Help

Coauthor: Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, MDiv

Do you believe in Spontaneous Healing and Miracles? I do. You don’t have to be a deeply religious person to believe in “spontaneous healing” or miracles. Most Holistic medical doctors believe in spontaneous healing, although often the conventional medical profession calls the phenomenon the “placebo effect.”

I have addressed the challenge of treating “incurable” patients and the phenomenon of spontaneous healing in my previous article, “Incurable Disease and Spontaneous Healing” (see the articles page on my website).

It seems some of my patients simply get well regardless of what I do. I may start with typical recommendations including deworming (eradicate parasites), colon cleansing, chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity, food rotation diet and nutritional therapy with vitamins and minerals based on food allergy testing and hair mineral analysis. Most of my patients believe in natural healing and trust my recommendations.

Others do not respond no matter what I do for them. I may try every known traditional and unconventional, alternative medical therapy with no response by the patient. Have I missed something? They have already been to many other practitioners and visited many well known medical institutions. They are considered the incurables.

Many of these cases need to be evaluated and treated in the realm of the whole person. The physician needs to focus on mind/spirit rather than physical body. Your incurable medical conditions may actually be a result of your unresolved emotional conflicts.

Once one’s emotional conflicts such as suppressed guilt, fear, anger, blame, shame or self-doubt are resolved and lifted, a chain reaction may be triggered and cause a major shift in one’s hormonal, neuronal, psychological, and immune response. Miraculous, spontaneous healing happens.

Pondering these situations over many years with the question of “how can we speed up the healing process?”, I determined the answer may lie in tapping into the essence of Mind/Spirit. So, I teamed up with my good friend, Chaplain Paul R. Johnson to start a Medical Spiritual Wellness Support Group. Medical related Spiritual Wellness is good for everybody’s health, even for Atheists or bushwhackers. This is not related to religion or New Age.

Here is what Chaplain Paul R. Johnson has to say about Holistic Medicine and Spiritual Wellness: “Holistic Medicine is committed to treating the whole person, Body, Mind and Spirit. Medical research continues to support the fact that our health is very much related to our Spiritual Wellness. The understanding of our spirituality as part of our being and its role in our health and wellness is crucial.

What is the definition of Spirituality? ‘Spirituality is the individual, subjective experience of and from which a person derives Purpose, Meaning, and Hope.’ (Miller & Thoresen, 2003 in Press Ganey Knowledge Summary)

Spiritual wellness is based on the balance and dynamic of what defines our purpose, meaning and hope in life. Just as with the body, any toxic element that contaminates our spirituality compromises our whole being. Unresolved emotions such as Fear, Guilt, Shame, Blame, and Anger are extremely destructive and impede our ability to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.”

Prevention and Healing is committed to enabling and empowering the whole person to achieve optimum health and well being in their life. We have started a Spiritual Wellness Support Group that meets the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:00 PM at our clinic, 10908 Schuetz Rd, 63146.

The purpose of the group is threefold. First is to create a safe and warm environment to share with one another and create a community of support. Second is to provide education, resources and tools for maintaining a strong spiritual health. Third is to provide teaching and exercises that can help empower your spirituality. The diversity of all faith traditions is welcomed. The group facilitators are Dr. Simon Yu and Chaplain Paul R. Johnson.

In just the first few months that we have been meeting, many participants are reporting a significant improvement in their well being. We invite you to come join us as we strengthen one another and empower our spiritual health.