Biological Terrain

by | Mar 18, 2004 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, History of Medicine

Pasteur’s germ theory provides a theory of infections which became the foundation of modern medicine. It states that germs are airborne and specific germs cause specific disease. This theory then led to a treatment plan. As an example, Streptococcus bacillus is the cause of infectious strep throat indicated by symptoms including sore throat and fever. A common treatment plan includes the use of antibiotics to kill off as many streptococci as possible. The fever is commonly treated with aspirin.

Contrary to Pasteur’s theory, the basic premise of holistic medicine and natural healing is that it is not germs that cause disease but rather the cellular environment of the body, referred to as the “Biological Terrain”, that becomes imbalanced resulting in a diseased condition. In this view, Streptococcus bacillus is not the cause of the strep throat. Instead, a breakdown in our body’s immune system creates an environment for streptococcus to transform into an infectious, virulent form. The breakdown, or suppression, of our immune system is caused by a disturbance of our biological terrain. This “disturbance” results from a variety of causes including stress, lack of sleep or rest, poor nutrition, poor dental conditions, etc.

Also, in this holistic view, the fever induced by streptococcus is not a symptom but, rather, is our body’s natural response to stimulate our immune system. From this point of view, then, a treatment plan is called for which will correct the underlying conditions that weaken the immune system by utilizing proper rest, nutritional support with herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, and/or proper dental care (a primary source of streptococcus), if indicated. Through correction of the underlying conditions, the body will heal itself by restoring its proper biological terrain.

From the holistic perspective, Streptococcus is viewed as the messenger who is giving your body an early warning. Using antibiotics and suppressing the fever only prolongs the disease process by interfering with our body’s ability to heal itself. Antibiotics and aspirin are rarely indicated.

Germs are not the cause of the disease, but appear only after the person has become ill. They are created by nature to assist in eliminating our toxins and waste. The difference between treating the symptoms and treating the underlying causes results from an understanding of the concept of biological terrain (cellular environment).

Can one’s biological terrain be determined in order to assess one’s susceptibility to a weakened immune system which could lead to disease? The answer is “yes.” Professor Vincent developed specific electrical factors which correlated with the condition of the biological terrain. The value of pH (acid or base), oxidation-reduction potential (electron movement), and resistivity (molecular ion movement) was assessed for blood, urine and saliva. This yielded a “biological terrain score.” This score can predict the individual’s susceptibility to illness, fatigue, and chronic degeneration.

An example of the effects of disturbances of the body’s biological terrain was shown by the French government, in the 1950’s, with the discovery of regions of the country with alarmingly high rates of cancer. They found these regions often had one common denominator: poor water quality. Water was contaminated, oxidized, and acidic and found to block the body’s metabolic detoxification.

Common causes that can adversely change the biological terrain are:
 Poor diet
 Lack of hydration
 Lack of proper digestion
 Stress and negative emotions
 Heavy metals and environmental toxicity
 Medications
 Inactivity
 Parasites and hidden infections
 Hidden dental problems
 Vaccinations
 Electromagnetic pollution
 Hypoventilation with shallow breathing
 Poor illumination with lack of natural sunlight
 Structural imbalance

All of these factors produce disturbances to one’s biological terrain which first appears in the body’s subtle energy field and ultimately in physical expressions. All the above factors interact and influence each other and contribute to a weakened immune system that allows the creation of disease. The subtle energy fields in the body and its biological terrain can be measured by Acupuncture Meridian Assessment and Biological Terrain Assessment.