Chelation Therapy

by | Oct 16, 2003 | Chronic Disease, Heavy Metals/Toxins

The history of Chelation therapy started about 100 years ago with Nobel Prize winner, Alfred Werner. Werner, a Swiss chemist, received the Nobel Prize for his work on the foundation of metal-ligand bonding chemistry, which is the basis for Chelation therapy. Simply put, chelation is the process of intravenously injecting a chelating agent (in liquid form) that bonds with specific toxic metals. By bonding with the chelating agent, the toxic metals are extracted from the tissues and organs of the body. Once bound together, the chelating agent and the toxic metals are simply excreted through the kidneys.

By 1948, the US Navy successfully used EDTA as a chelating agent for lead poisoning. One of the side benefits of EDTA Chelation therapy has been a dramatic improvement of arteriosclerosis condition. EDTA Chelation also benefits patients with angina, gangrene or neuropathy. For many patients, memory, sight, and other sensory functions improve. Patients often report increased vitality. In addition to EDTA, many chelating agents have been developed for a variety of heavy metal toxicities.

However, Chelation therapy is an enigma to most of the medical community. Many medical doctors oppose the use of Chelation therapy without understanding the scientific merit of the chemical function of chelating agents. Specifically, chelation has provoked a lot of antagonism in the medical community for its use in avoiding bypass surgery for cardiovascular problems. Chelation has been used to resolve conditions such as angina with chest pain, heart attack conditions, stroke, poor circulation to the legs causing cramps and poor wound healing.

There are many standard pharmaceutical chelating agents available for heavy metal toxicity in both oral and intravenous form through the care of a physician. EDTA as a chelating agent has been the most well known for lead toxicity. DMPS as a chelating agent has been used for mercury toxicity in Europe for over 50 years. Other well known chelating agents includes D-Penicillamine for copper and mercury toxicity, DMSA for arsenic, lead and mercury toxicity, and Deferoxamine for iron toxicity.

Unfortunately, we live in a very toxic environment from which we cannot escape. Our planet has been intensively contaminated over the last 100 years. Industry and commerce have spewed vast quantities of chemicals and heavy metals into our air, water, land, and food in an alarming rate. The pollution is carried by air currents and rain over the entire Earth. No one can escape from it. Just one simple example is that the FDA recommends that pregnant women not eat tuna fish due to its high mercury contamination.

Mercury, a major neurotoxic substance found in silver-mercury fillings (dental amalgams) is one of the most widespread forms of heavy metal toxicity. The effects of chronic mercury toxicity are subtle and cumulative. Other common heavy metal toxicities are lead, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, tin, copper and arsenic.

Heavy metal toxicities have been associated with new emerging chronic illnesses globally that do not fit into current medical models. Examples include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, autism, infertility, low sex drive, depression, insomnia, anxiety, neuropathy, memory loss, irritability, moodiness, muscle weakness, cancer, unexplainable cardiovascular problems and many other unexplainable illnesses. (Articles discussing these issues can be found on our web site.)

Chelation therapy, performed on an outpatient basis at the doctor’s office, is a safe and effective treatment for heavy metal toxicity. Chelation is effective for many unexplainable illnesses because after the heavy metals are extracted from a contaminated body, normal physiological functions can be restored. Chelation therapy is only a part of the treatment plan for a chronically ill person. Diet, nutrition and dietary supplementation are corner stones of a rejuvenation program. It is also imperative to discover any food allergies and eliminate parasites, if indicated.

When you have been sick for a long time and you have seen many doctors without improvement of your symptoms, you should consider being checked for heavy metal toxicity. If you have this toxicity, Chelation therapy can be a new turning point for your pursuit of wellness.