COVID-19: Hidden Coinfections and Chain Reactions Parasitic Infectious Relationships within Us

by | Mar 26, 2020 | COVID-19, Parasites/Fungi

Viruses are technically parasites, a gray area between living and nonliving: they cannot replicate on their own but do so in living cells. They have been evolving with us and some of them are encoded as a part of our genetic code from the point of evolution of biological life. They are unique and complex, composed of a protein coat surrounding RNA or DNA core genetic materials. They can stay dormant for many years or be active seasonally, and are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells as unwanted guests, just like parasites. Parasites have their own parasites, fungus, mycoplasma, bacteria and many types of viruses. The slides below are part of my lecture explaining the evolution of life and parasites, coinfections and parasitic relationships from a universal, simplified perspective.

The virus is deceptive and creates a hidden chain reaction. COVID-19 will attack aggressively already vulnerable aging populations and immune-compromised, chronically ill patients, young or old. Many patients are nutritionally depleted and cannot support their immune system, so rapidly succumb to the viral infection. By the time one develops pneumonia, COVID-19 may activate dormant, inactivated bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and parasites that were previously under the surveillance of the immune system. COVID-19 pneumonia patients may be fighting more than viral infection but also bacterial, mycobacterium-TB like infection, fungi and reactivated parasites, including dental infections. That might explain why some patients respond to chloroquine, a parasite medication and azithromycin, an antibiotic for pneumonia.

My last article covered hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial parasite medication and losartan, an ACE inhibitor blood pressure medication from Good News provided by Dr. Helmut Retzek’s findings on, Drugs That Actually Help Against Coronavirus Pneumonia. Chloroquine usage became a polarized hot potato for political-medical-scientific communities. You cannot get it anymore because of hoarding, inappropriate use, and controlled supply by higher powers. I do not recommend it for prophylactic use. It also required by those on it for lupus and other serious medical conditions.

For prevention and prophylactic measures, use extra vitamin C up to 10,000mg/day, 10,000 IU of vitamin D3, vitamin K2, selenium, zinc, boron, and herbs and homeopathic remedies, such as elderberry and oscillococcinum. Also, glutathione can be taken for general immune support.

The Good News is that coronavirus is seasonal and most active from January thru April (see chart).Source:

We are at the end of March, and spring is just around the corner. Let’s get more sun and fresh air, keep social distancing for self-protection, practice good hygiene with frequent hand washing, supplement nutrients that support your immune system, and support your community. With luck, we will get a break from coronavirus season. Don’t let fears of COVID-19 paralyze you! We will also face Rhinovirus, Enterovirus, Adenovirus, Influenza and who knows what else ahead. To face all of these challenges, we need to strengthen your ability to fight these invaders, and also detect and treat coinfections of bacteria, mycobacterium, fungi and parasites that cause acute, complex, concurrent diseases. Spring is coming!

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