Cure For All Diseases And Non-Diseases: Let’s Start With Honey Bee Erectile Dysfunction

by | May 14, 2007 | Chronic Disease, History of Medicine

Claiming a “cure” for any disease is a taboo for medical professionals. Claiming a “cure” has been associated with quackery, and misleading and unethical professional conduct for self promotion and creating false hope.

My early medical training taught the best we can do for chronic illness is “control, support and manage.” This applies to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses. We were taught to never use the “c” word, i.e. “cure”, and especially never say “cure for cancer.”

Some years ago, I read a book called, The Cure for All Diseases, by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. I was fascinated by her theories but skeptical about her claims. I finally met her and listened to her lecture and watched her demonstrations.

I was awe struck by her genuine demeanor of modesty. I wondered how such a humble practitioner could have the audacity to write a book titled, The Cure for All Diseases. She even wrote a book titled, The Cure for All Cancers!

For now, I’ll focus on “The Cure for Non-Diseases.” I call non-diseases those conditions that potentially lead to more serious medical conditions but are not yet serious medical conditions. Pharmaceutical companies usually portray these non-diseases as if already being serious conditions. They influence the medical field which has become highly commercialized by these special interest groups.

Most likely, these non-diseases are part of the normal aging process or a normal response to stress or environmental conditions. For example, these conditions could be borderline high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, osteopenia (decrease in bone mineral density), or fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Multinational pharmaceutical companies often promote their drugs in the name of “awareness for early screening” for every conceivable medical condition such as those just mentioned. These conditions might also include attention deficit, avian flu, insomnia, emotional disturbance, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, or even normal aging conditions. Aging boomers are led to believe that aging is not a normal process and we need anti-aging remedies!

Most common non-disease conditions can be reversed by correcting the underlying problems. Techniques to correct imbalances include body detoxification, elimination diet to alleviate food allergies, chelation therapy to remove heavy metal toxicities, natural and prescription remedies to eliminate parasites, correcting hidden dental infections, removing toxic amalgams, and vitamin and mineral supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies.

These and other easily doable techniques can reduce or eliminate the previous conditions mentioned. When they do, you won’t have to suffer the side effects from costly prescribed medications.

One of the most difficult parts of the healing process is mending unresolved emotional conflicts and releasing the emotion of fear. Acupuncturists understand that every organ is influenced by physical, emotional, and spiritual forces of Chi (energy) and the body meridians.

As an example, a person may have a perfect coronary artery and still die from a heart attack due to an emotional shock. Another person may develop breathing problems from chronic grief and the pulmonary function test may still show perfectly normal results. Intestinal problems are often associated with the emotions of anxiety and loneliness.

The emotion of fear affects the kidney. The kidney is said to influence the energy and activities of all the other organs according to Acupuncture. It is seen as the root of life, the root of Chi, and therefore as one of the most important vital organs of the body.

Every civilization has used fear as a means of Mind Control to manipulate individuals and establish social control over a population. Many people argue that our society is a “Mind Controlled” and “Thought Regulated” state from advertisements by the media. Our altered consciousness affects every aspect of life including commercial interests in medicine, drugs, food, and nutrition.

Where does this Mind Control lead to? The pharmaceutical-medical Industrial complex is searching for new diseases to promote for profit. They look to create more “fear” for what are really non-diseases. They do this in the name of “public awareness” and “public education” through the media and by influencing medical institutions.

For example, in case you didn’t know, there’s been a large decrease in the population of Honey Bees. This has caused natural pollination to be a major challenge for many farmers.

However, there’s no need for concern. There’s bound to be a corporation that comes up with a catch phrase to associate the worldwide crop failure with “Honey Bee Erectile Dysfunction.” They’ll base it on compromised science, of course. They’ll sell Viagra equivalent medications to poor farmers for this fictitious Honey Bee Erectile Dysfunction (HBED). They’ll do this while ignoring the real environmental problems affecting Queen Bee colonies.

Remember what Mark Twain said, “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” The times have changed since Mark Twain’s life, but the hype hasn’t.

Don’t be alarmed by hyped promotions for non-diseases. Don’t buy into treatment promotions based on sleek TV commercials, health magazine advertising and disguised “educational articles”, or Internet news. Most of these non-diseases are reversible by correcting the underlying problems combined with proper diet, exercise, nutritional regimens, and lifestyle modifications.

If we can reverse the non-diseases at the early stages, it’s possible to prevent developing the actual diseases after all. I’ll let Hulda Clark do the talking for “The Cure for All Diseases.” Meanwhile, I’ll be busy investigating the cause of the HBED (Honey Bee Erectile Dysfunction).