Curing the Incurable by Measuring the Immeasurable: Mapping the Invisible Body by Biocybernetics

by | Jul 13, 2009 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Case Stories, Chronic Disease, History of Medicine

Is it possible to map the invisible body? In Germany, there is an emerging biomedical discipline called Biocybernetics which measures the invisible, energy field of the human body. Biocybernetics is a key component of the broader field of Energy Medicine in Europe. It is actually not a new idea but an old concept that has been given a new name. A biocybernetic matrix is a modern term for the acupuncture meridian system and the related field of acupuncture meridian assessment developed by Reinhold Voll, MD in the 1950’s in Germany.

In 1895, German physicist Wilhelm C. Roentgen discovered mysterious rays capable of passing through the human body. Because of their unknown nature, he called them X-rays. His discovery rewarded him with the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. X-rays are electromagnetic waves situated between UV (ultraviolet) light and gamma rays on the wavelength scale. Marie Curie built x-ray machines for French doctors in World War I. It helped detect the location of bullets, shrapnel and broken bones in the body which, of course, were invisible to the human eye. X-rays revolutionized medicine and the rest “became history.”

Measuring the “immeasurable” human energy field by utilizing the Biocybernetic Matrix of the body’s meridian systems will have a similar impact as discovering X-rays. Every day, I see patients who have been to one doctor after another, one hospital after another, trying to figure out why they are so sick. None of the various specialists these patients have seen seem to have any clue as to what is wrong with them.

Marie, a 19-year-old college student, came to see me with a history of chest and leg pain for over a year. She saw several cardiologists, an orthopedic surgeon, and other specialists without a definite diagnosis or treatment plan, even after extensive medical evaluations.

When I saw her, her physical exam was normal. I checked 54 acupuncture points as part of my meridian assessment evaluation. (No acupuncture needles are used. See my articles on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment.) The dental area was the only pathological meridian out of 54 points. Further detailed evaluation showed her problem was arising from her number 17 old wisdom tooth socket area.

Her problem was a dental related medical problem, which is an all too common, and all too often overlooked, situation. Medical doctors cannot understand or fix her problem. She needs an oral surgeon to correct the problem. I could not guarantee it, however, based on over 15 years of practicing acupuncture meridian assessment, I told her I was 85-90% confident that her symptoms will resolve when the dental problem is properly fixed.

This is not an isolated event. I’ve had multiple similar cases of unexplainable chest pain which also responded to cleaning out the patient’s old infected wisdom tooth area.

The power of Biocybernetics and meridian assessment evaluations were used to reveal the true cause of the underlying illness in all of the following examples. Once the true cause was revealed, a specific treatment plan could be implemented and, sometimes almost unbelievably, self-healing was achieved.

An evaluation revealed that an elderly woman who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia didn’t really have fibromyalgia. The evaluation indicated treatment with parasite medications to which she fully responded by having her unexplainable pain disappear.

One women’s asthma disappeared after the extraction of a root canal. Another woman’s asthma was eliminated with parasite medications. Two different women with the same condition, asthma, required two distinct approaches, depending on the individual condition of each person.

A young woman with an acute panic attack and nervous breakdown responded to the removal of her “silver” dental amalgam fillings, which are approximately 50% mercury, by recovering back to her normal mental health.

None of these patients had responded to traditional medical care because their medical evaluations weren’t addressing the true causes of their ill health. Instead, they were simply heavily medicated to control their symptoms. They were considered incurable and advised to learn to live with their illness because doctors could not measure what was wrong with them.

Quite a few patients come from all over the United States. This includes a sizable group from Iowa who drive 7-8 hours to see me. They do so because they realize they are not getting better, even after going to the Mayo Clinic, and they need a different outlook on their health and healing. I am always grateful to the Mayo Clinic for their extensive medical evaluations. They have one of the best medical systems available based on Western medical science and they utilize every known test under their disposal.

After these individuals have been evaluated by the Mayo Clinic without a clear diagnosis, I have the opportunity to evaluate them from an “outside of the box” viewpoint. I have repeatedly noticed emerging patterns of overlooked areas. The most common neglected areas are hidden dental related medical problems, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, parasite problems and a general lack of understanding of the importance of detoxification of the colon, liver and kidney.

How do I know these problems are the missing links? By understanding Biocybernetics and measuring the acupuncture meridian systems, the invisible body matrix. The human body is like a fine tuned musical instrument that requires constant tuning and calibration to keep one in optimal health.

We desperately need “Vital Links for Optimal Health”; links that integrate western based medical science and the emerging knowledge of Biocybernetics through Acupuncture Meridian Assessment. Similarly to how X-rays were once so mysterious but allowed major advancements in medicine, by combining these disciplines, we can truly “cure the incurable” by “measuring the immeasurable” human energy fields.