Endless Dentistry Forever Sickness: Dentists Have No Sense of Humor – Gravity does Matter

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Dentists have no sense of humor! At least, that is what I think. If you know any genuinely humorous dentists, let me know. I will buy her/him a drink of their choice. When I tell them at a meeting that lots of medical crimes are committed in the dental chair with high-speed drills, amalgams, fluoride treatment, root canals, incompatible dental materials and implants, they certainly are not laughing. They vigorously defend their dental profession from dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scan to other modern state-of-the-art innovations. Dentists do not think my assessment is on target, correct, or funny.

A few years ago, I was giving a talk on the dangers of modern dentistry at a Biological Dental conference. That evening, a young dentist from Eastern Europe gave a lecture on how Endless Root Canals can be done safely. Earlier, I presented dental-related medical case studies on how the dangers of root canals, periodontal disease, cavitations (jaw infections), and toxic dental materials make people sick. Who is right on the safety of root canal procedures?  He was idealistic, sincere, and believed that root canal procedures can be done safely and repeatedly, making patients happy by saving their teeth.

Dental problems are one of the major reasons adding complexity to already complicated medically unexplained symptoms. Some of my dental lecture subtitles consist of: Murder by Dentists, Dental Death Trap, Forensic Evidence in the Oral Cavity, Medical Crimes in the Dental Chair, etc. Dentists are dead silent when I mention these topics until I switch to how Biological Dentists are heroes and can save medically complex, chronically ill patients by undoing the work done by their family-friendly dentists.

Biological dentists have the same dental training, but a quite different philosophical approach to the oral cavity: a more holistic approach to health, safe dentistry, nutrition, and more openness to medical/dental connections beyond cosmetics and mechanical restoration. The other missing link between these two groups is an understanding of Energy Medicine in Dentistry. This was promoted and pioneered by Doug Cook, DDS, who introduced me to Biological Dentistry and Energy Medicine. According to Tom Stone, MD, it was dentists, not medical doctors, who were making patients sick, and even killing them.

The latest breakthrough in dentistry is the 3D Cone Beam CT scan to detect hidden dental infections missed by regular Panorex dental X-rays; CBCT became the gold standard for detecting a tiny, abscessed tooth or hollow cavitation of jaw infection. One of the important points I have made to biological dentists is that 3D CBCT scans can lead to unnecessary dental operations: a double-edged problem of being too sensitive in detecting the hollow space as a presumed infected in the jawbone.

During the early stage of dental infections before there is soft tissue and bony destruction, dental microbes release endotoxins, as has been well documented by Professor Boyd Haley, PhD, formerly of the University of Kentucky. Later, DNA testing developed by Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, became a game changer for forensic DNA evidence of dental microbes. I have described a case of squamous cell cancer of the hands with a direct connection to hidden dental infection, but the 3D Cone beam scan did not reveal the infection, and delayed a proper dental operation for over a year. Acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) indicated dental infection before the CT scan based on Energy Medicine, measuring subtle energy disturbances in the body. See my book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine, dental chapter.

On the other hand, based on a 3D Cone Beam scan, you may have an unnecessary dental operation! Below are four suspected circled areas of cavitations on a Lyme patient who was on IV antibiotics for 10 years. My AMA testing indicated that two lower jaw areas were infected, one upper area was borderline infected, and the other did not need an operation.

Slide depicting potential cavitation sites in a chronic Lyme patient

As a rule, Gravity helps to drain toxins and infections from the upper jaw, and it is less likely to be problematic than the lower jaw. Unnecessary dental operations based on a hollow cavitation picked up by CBCT imaging will add more stress to an already compromised immune system, be even more expensive, and further delay recovery. Often, Lyme and co-infections can become dental parasites – hiding in anaerobic spaces the jawbone, beyond the reach of antibiotics – and can be revealed by DNA forensic evidence to confirm my AMA testing’s detection of imbalances on the dental meridians.

So, Gravity does matter in dentistry – not a laughing matter. Endless dentistry often means endless misery, going broke, delaying proper medical care, and leading to forever sickness. Tell that to the dentists, they are not going to laugh. Dental problems can be an ongoing source of medical problems and that is why physicians alone cannot help those with medically unexplained symptoms. The Gut and Brain connects through the oral cavity via the crossroads of the Vagus and Trigeminal nerves.

Finding a biological dentist who understands the importance of Energy Medicine in Dentistry is as rare as a dentist with a sense of humor. See the Resources page of my website for a referral list of biological dentists in St. Louis and beyond. The generous grant I received, which I reported in my last article and newsletter, aims to fix and help fill this gap by recruiting and encouraging dentist-physician colleagues, pairs, partners, or teams to attend my upcoming AMA Training in late August, or April/August 2022. Don’t Delay: Defy Gravity, Expand your Horizons, Help your Patients, and Get your Humor back!

Dr. Simon Yu, MD is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about integrative medicine, patient success stories, and Dr. Yu’s latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life, visit his website at www.preventionandhealing.com or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion on Integrative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.