Forbidden Miracle Cures: Paradox of Alternative Medicine

by | Feb 15, 2008 | Self-Help

Claiming “Cure” for any chronic illness, especially cancer, has been a thorny issue for medical doctors for many years. However, you will hear many so-called “Alternative/Complementary Medicine” practitioners (many of them without a license to practice or with a mail order diploma) who are eager to claim a cure for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, instant pain relief, and more.

When you combine the seductive words of “forbidden”, “secret” or “miracle” with cures, it becomes a powerful selling tool. It has a compelling allure of magical healing remedies. These words have often been combined with those “ancient lost” herbs or fruit drinks from the Tibetan mountains or remote islands. It’s good for marketing and business promotion but do these “cures” really work?

Everyday, some of my patients bring the latest seductive advertisements claiming new cures for their conditions. Either they’ve already started on new cure remedies or wanted my blessing to try them. As a rule, I do not oppose my patients’ desires to try new alternative therapies unless I feel the individual is too frail and it may endanger their condition.

My medical practice integrates Internal Medicine with Alternative/Complementary Medicine. I’m overwhelmed by vast amounts of new information, especially from all the hyped “forbidden, miracle cures.”

Sometimes, I think the hyped “new alternative cure” claims in newsletters and magazines are far worse and misleading than the slick TV commercials by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Anyway, I always remind my patients that, while they try the newest, latest alternative therapy not to forget my core recommendations such as basic body cleansing, parasite cleansing and heavy metal detoxification, an individualized diet including elimination of food allergies, and fixing dental problems with a biological dentist. Chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, or psychological counseling are also very important parts of the healing process for body/mind connections.

Too often, I observe temporary improvement of symptoms for my patients without long lasting benefits. Some people will spend thousands of dollars on hyped network marketing nutritional supplements when it is not indicated. It may not be bad for them but they might be wasting their time and money on actions that divert them from addressing their more serious medical problems.

Once in a while, a patient will deteriorate rapidly. Eventually I usually find out they have stopped my regiment and only followed the “forbidden” or “miracle” cure therapy. One of these is the Rife frequency generator. This device has been known “to cure all diseases.” Many people are silently suffering from its side effects.

There is nothing wrong with the original Rife frequency generator. The problems occur because many models in the market are imitations of the original Rife frequency generator. They claim their products are the same as the original when they aren’t.

Even if they had the proper equipment, most people don’t have medical training and aren’t properly trained to use the equipment. For very sick and frail patients, it’s like playing “Russian roulette.”

I’m not trying to scare you from trying the newest, latest alternative medical therapies. I want you to be informed, or at least be warned, before the next time you read or hear the latest “Forbidden” or “Miracle Cure” on TV, radio or in a newsletter.

I’ve been practicing long enough that I don’t get too excited about either new hype from the conventional medicine world that touts the latest pharmaceutical products or newly discovered tree barks from a far away Amazon jungle. If you hear the latest new miracle cure, let me know. I will be the first one to test the product but I will not abandon my core recommendations.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as a “Forbidden” or “Miracle” cure. We can certainly discuss a medical therapy that’s been suppressed in the medical literature but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “Forbidden Cure.” Blindly following these much hyped claims may be paradoxically dangerous to your health. Be informed. Healing comes from within.

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