German Biological Medicine at the Crossroads: Parasites Manipulating Reality Distortion Fields

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Cancer, History of Medicine, Parasites/Fungi, Therapies

Parasites are masters of deception, masters at creating fields of distorted reality. I had never heard of the term, “reality distortion field,” until I was in Baden-Baden, Germany for Medicine Week earlier this month. I gave a lecture at the Complementary Oncology Society on using parasite medications to target cancer cells in early November 2018.

Medical doctor Helmut Retzek of Austria brought up the topic of reality distortion fields during a dinner discussion. Reality distortion field is a term first used by Bud Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981 to describe company co-founder Steve Jobs’ charisma and its effects on developers working on the Macintosh project. The reality distortion field was said to be Steve Job’s ability to convince him and others to believe almost anything with a mix of charm, charisma, bravado, hyperbole, marketing, appeasement and persistence. A reality distortion field can be used for the right cause or for a sinister purpose. Ask Apple, Facebook or Google.

How does a reality distortion field have anything to do with German Biological Medicine? German Biological Medicine leads the world in natural healing. I have been studying and practicing German Biological Medicine for the last 25 years as an Internal Medicine physician, and have attended Medicine Week, the largest alternative and complementary medical conference in Europe, many times. German Biological Medicine is more complex and complicated than you can imagine. I have written two articles about my experiences, titled German Biological Medicine: Leading the World in Natural Healing, and, German Biological Medicine: It is Complicated.

During the last 25 years, many older pioneers in the field of biological medicine have passed away while new younger physicians are attending to learn more. Germany’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration is tightening rules and regulations in the fields of homeopathy and naturopathy, permanently changing the landscape of Medicine Week for better and for worse.

Biological Medicine examines the fundamental questions of why are we here (Mind/Body/Spirituality), and why do we get sick (out of harmony with the nature)? It explains why allopathic medicine does not have the cures for chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme, or post-Lyme syndrome. Biological Medicine is based on understanding the uniqueness of each individual. Even though diagnosis and symptoms of two people may be the same, the causes may differ. It creates a treatment plan based on the unique characteristics of each individual’s underlying causes.

This was my third lecture on parasite-related topics at Medicine Week during the last 10 years. The audience seems to grow each time. Last week’s lecture was titled, “Parasite Medications for Targeting Cancer Cells: Think of Cancer as an Infectious Disease as if Cancer is Metabolic Parasites.”  Other English-speaking lecturers from the US included Travis Christofferson, Leigh Erin Connealy, MD and Young Ko, Ph.D. Medical doctor Friedrich Douwes, MD, director of St. George’s Clinic in Bad Aibling and the president of the Complementary Oncology Society, presided over the oncology conference.

The parasites and cancer connection has been known and yet unknown for many years and is also highly controversial, because there are no reliable ways to detect parasites. Parasites can be single-cell protozoa or 30-foot-long tapeworms. They are at the top of the food chain, and control the behavior of the host, engaging in subtle or overt mind control. They also exert control at the macro- and micro-level of nutrition and cell signaling.

Because tests for parasites have not been reliable, energetic testing is one way to detect them – it is like detecting invisible ghosts. Western medicine and German Biological Medicine have not fully implemented targeting parasites for cancer patients. I presented eight cases of advanced cancer patients treated aggressively with antiparasitic and antifungal medications in conjunction with nutrition support and detoxification based on the guidance of acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA).

The response to my lecture was very positive, and attendees asked to learn more. I have been invited to give a lecture and workshop at the Austrian Integrative Medical Society on March 1, 2019 in Vienna, and two days of hands-on training the prior week at Dr. Douwes Clinic at St. George Hospital in Bad Aibling, Germany. More detailed information will follow later.

German Biological Medicine is at a crossroads. It is leading the world in natural healing with homeopathy, naturopathy, energy medicine and EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll). It also pioneered dental-related medical problems and biological dentistry. Effective parasite treatment is next.

When parasites, the masters of deception, can be detected by other than standard stool tests for ova and parasites or blood tests which often miss them, there will be a new movement to embrace the 5,000-year-old (new) disruptive technology called acupuncture meridian assessment to unmask the reality distortion field spell cast on Western medical science by parasites.

Big Pharma has been aggressively jacking up and raising the cost of parasite medications as more medical professionals are recognizing the importance of regular deworming as an important part of prevention and healing from the modern scourges of cancer and chronic disease. Big Pharma, like parasites, metaphorically hijacked and engaged in the reality distortion field of Western allopathic medicine. It is time for the German Biological Medicine to counter parasites manipulating reality distortion fields! Where does the American Medical Association (AMA) stand on parasites?