German Biological Medicine: It Is Complicated

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, History of Medicine, Professional Training

German Biological Medicine leads the world in natural healing. I wrote about German Biological Medicine many years ago. I have been studying German Biological Medicine for over 15 years. I feel they have the most advanced concept of natural healing. Integration of modern science with natural healing is their strength. What I have not told you was how complicated German Biological Medicine can be.

From time to time, I still get the question from patients and medical professionals, “What is German Biological Medicine?” I don’t know if there is any perfect answer but you can read my original article on German Biological Medicine (on the Articles page on my web site). German Biological Medicine refers to medicine originating from German speaking countries which includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, some countries in South America, and others around the world.

German Biological Medicine integrates modern medical science with traditional European natural medicine with a strong emphasis on homeopathy, biological terrain analysis, understanding the concept of pleomorphism, and integrating the philosophies of Traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It covers many different forms of natural healing including emphasis on mind/body and spirituality.

Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) was developed by Reinhold Voll, MD from Germany over 60 years ago. It opened a new modern technology to understand the human energy field based on acupuncture meridians. It is an important part of bioresonance and biocybernetic medicine, also referred to as quantum medicine.

The last chapter of my book, Accidental Cure, is “New Medicine Based on New Biology.” and covers energy medicine and quantum physics. From the perspective of Biological Medicine, healing must come from within. The physician’s role is to assist one’s immune system to heal oneself. My practice focuses on five most often neglected areas by most medical professionals. These are (1) parasites and hidden infections, (2) unsuspected dental problems from amalgams, root canals, jaw infections, TMJ, etc., (3) environmental toxins and heavy metals, (4) faulty diet, food allergies and nutrition problems and (5) detoxification of major organs.

The majority of my patients respond to my therapy but some don’t respond the way I expect them to respond despite rebalancing their meridians, sending them to a biological dentist to take care of hidden dental problems, deworming parasite removal, and applying a variety of biological therapies.

This small percentage that don’t seem to heal after applying all the above therapies is the main reason I go to Baden-Baden, Germany about every other year to attend Medicine Week. I want to pick up the newest medical information to understand what else can be done for these individuals. Medicine Week is considered the premier international medical conference on German Biological Medicine.

Sometimes, I get evaluated with the latest German medical equipment from the experts at the conference. I return with renewed hope based on new ideas for my challenging patients. Recently, I have encountered a lady German EAV practitioner living in the U.S. I signed up for the training with the brand new latest German EAV machine.

Over the years I’ve had several American versions of EAV equipment and I must admit German equipment is superior. No surprise there. Learning classical EAV, the German way, is another story. I have been doing meridian testing for almost 20 years and I was told to forget everything I learned by using the American versions of EAV. She is not saying the American versions are wrong but the German classical EAV society does not consider the American versions of EAV testing as a true EAV evaluation.

When I heard that, I was so relieved that what I was doing is not considered true EAV by that darn German EAV society. I’ve never been able to exactly duplicate what they do. I have been calling it Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) to differentiate it from EAV. I guess for them it is analogous to Americans playing simple country music with a Stradivarius violin rather than playing Bach or Beethoven.

After several weekends of training, she told me I was one of her best students for classical EAV training. I wasn’t sure what that meant. The training was highly indoctrinated. She constantly reminded me that this is the German way. Somehow, I feel like I am still playing the simple country music with the most expensive German equipment.

She recommended that if I want to learn more about Biological Medicine I need to go to Canada to see Raul. I have to subject myself as a patient and a case study. Raul does not have any medical degree. He is self- taught, a gentle soul, and a brilliant practitioner who practices at a discrete place.

I had three days in Canada with him and learned more about myself and achieved a greater in-depth understanding of German Biological Medicine than if I was in Europe. He was one of the few trained in more esoteric energy medicine within the field of Biological Medicine.

I’m bringing all this up because there were many tests with which I was not familiar and I could not fully understand all his methods. I could not prove or disapprove his evaluation of me. Once we get into more subtle energy fields of homeopathy, we are getting into quantum physics and quantum effects which I have addressed in my book as “anything is possible.”

German Biological Medicine leads the world in this form of medicine with the most advanced forms of natural healing. Medicine is complicated. I am trying to simplify complex biological medicine into a simple, understandable format for myself. However, it is very complicated and Germans tend to make things even more complicated. It seems like I will continue playing simple country music with the most advanced German EAV equipment. Sometimes playing simple is better than making it more complicated.