German Biological Medicine: Leading the World in Natural Healing

by | Oct 16, 2014 | History of Medicine, Therapies

Over the years, I’ve attended the annual “Medicine Week” conference in Baden Baden, Germany many times. This year I have the good fortune of delivering a presentation at the conference. This unique conference specializes in German Biological Medicine and is one of the most advanced Natural Healing medical conferences in Europe. Medical practitioners from all over the world give lectures and share information with each other.

Why is Biological Medicine important to you? Biological medicine is the new frontier of modern medicine. It integrates old ideas proven over hundreds of years of actual use with new ideas of science. It integrates Western Science with Eastern philosophy. And it explores the crossroads between the basic physics of Cosmos and Biology.

Biological Medicine examines the fundamental questions of: why are we here (Mind/Body/Spirituality) and why do we get sick (patho-physiology)? It explains why allopathic medicine does not have the cures for chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, etc. Biological Medicine is based on understanding the uniqueness of each individual even though the symptoms of two people may be the same. It creates treatment plans based on the unique characteristics of each individual’s underlying causes.

So, what is Biological Medicine? It is a unique field of medicine from Germany which integrates the modern medical science with the traditional European natural medicine, Homeopathy, Pleomorphism, and philosophies of Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. At the conference, we had lectures and demonstrations on homeopathy, herbs, RNA remedies, bio-physics on photon light therapy, Bioresonance Mora therapy, Biological Terrain, Photon Resonance Therapy, Ionized Oxygen Therapy and many more interesting topics.

You may have never heard of most of these medical topics but they can be vitally important to reversing illness and strengthening one’s immune system. Also, one of the major benefits of natural healing is that its methods generally have no, or very little, side effects.

Antibiotics, drugs, steroids, chemotherapy or by-pass surgery, main staples for allopathic treatment temporarily relieve the symptoms but never correct the underlying causes for the particular illness. Almost always the particular condition will come back or manifest into a new medical condition as side effects. Allopathic medicine manages disease by treating symptoms where “cure” is a foreign word.

In the Biological Medicinal approach, healing comes from within by assisting one’s immune system to heal oneself. After all it is your own immune system that keeps illness away and keeps you in good health. All that the best physician can do is assist one’s own natural healing process within an individual patient.

Biological Medicine understands there are almost always multiple underlying causative factors of illness. It addresses the five most often overlooked areas by medical professionals which are (1) environmental toxins and heavy metals, (2) chronic hidden infections and parasites, (3) unsuspected food allergies, (4) faulty diet and nutrition and (5) interrelated dental-medical complex problems. Biological Medicine also focuses on a constitutional study of the individual, intestinal cleansing, acupuncture meridian assessment, and spiritual harmony.

I have been integrating German Biological Medicine with my Internal Medicine practice for more than ten years. The response to Biological Medicine is unique to the individual but highly predictable. It is also most satisfying for the patient because of its gentleness in the healing process. Bread, beer and Natural Healing is not necessarily the right chemistry for the healing process. However, good bread and beer has been an extra incentive to continue my annual trips to Germany to study Biological Medicine at one of Europe’s leading medical conferences.