Good News to Share: Generous Grant Will Support AMA Training and Related Research

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A generous donation by a retired Wall St. investor will support Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) Training for physicians and dentists at my AMA Training Seminar in August 2021, and again next year. She made an unsolicited gift with a request to “train physicians” through my foundation, Applied Science for Alternative Medicine & Healing Arts, based on her personal experience of recovery after “misadventure in a New York hospital” regarding parasites, to put it mildly. Parasites, fungal and dental are largely overlooked as a factor in modern chronic illnesses, e.g. asthma, autoimmune and neurological diseases, cancer, CFS/ME, Lyme, fibromyalgia, mental illness, and more.

AMA Training focuses on helping physicians to detect and treat hidden parasite, fungal, and dental problems based on imbalances in acupuncture meridians, including the allergy-immunology point, and dental meridians. For more information, check out the articles on my website,, see especially the articles on medical acupuncture, and my books, Accidental Cure, and AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine.

This donation will enable Prevention and Healing to offer AMA Training at a deeply discounted rate for:

  • Physician-dentist pairs to learn and practice AMA, offering patients a needed team in their communities.
  • International physicians and dentists as interest grows about medical and dental (MAD) connections.
  • In addition, we will continue to offer discounted rates to medical and dental students to attend.

For more information, contact Barbara Shoykhet, my chief nurse at Prevention and Healing at 314-432-7802. You will be asked to submit a letter of intent to apply; pairs of interested physicians and dentists should submit a letter of intent, identifying each other as the member of a medical-dental team.

More Good News: Matching Research Funds

The Foundation will also provide matching funds for research grants on two topics:

  • Repurposing parasite medications for adjunct cancer treatment and other complex conditions, e.g. medically unexplained symptoms (MUS).
  • Detecting hidden parasites and dental parasites by other than current standard medical/dental evaluation. AMA-acupuncture meridian assessment is one of many possible methods.

Our goal is to publish in peer-reviewed medical and dental journals to validate our findings, promote acceptance by academic medical institutions, expand training and use of AMA in integrative medicine and biological dentistry practices to make it more accessible to patients across the country and around the world, and foster introduction and expansion of newly acquired science in clinical applications. Send a letter of intent to Dr. Yu.

Applied Science for Alternative Medicine & Healing Arts is a nonprofit section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation, started in 2009, to which Prevention and Healing, Inc. donates funds to support the growth of this field, fund medical educational programs at integrative medical organizations, expand the number of trained AMA practitioners, and support related medical research. As a 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation, it can accept tax-deductible donations for the above causes.

Dr. Simon Yu, MD is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about integrative medicine, patient success stories, and Dr. Yu’s latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life, visit his website at or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion on Integrative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.