Igor, my Bad Patient: Deworming as a New Uncertain Preventive Medicine

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Igor, a 60-year-old, noncompliant patient returned to my clinic recently. He was having abdominal pain and rectal bleeding with bowel movement. He had been evaluated by another physician and told his CT scan was consistent with liver problems, and fatty liver. He was warned he may have other serious medical problems and required further evaluation including colonoscopy. He was scared he might have cancer and wanted my opinion. I reviewed his medical record; he had episodes of abdominal discomfort from time to time. I saw him twice during the last two years; my acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) picked up disturbances on his large intestine, spleen/pancreas, and liver meridians. I prescribed parasite medications, but he said he did not take them.

I told him he was a noncompliant, bad patient. He sheepishly smiled, agreed he was a “bad patient,” and promised he would take his parasite medications now. He had been afraid to take them, and was hoping his abdominal pain would go away on its own as it had before. I told him his colonoscopy can wait until he finished his parasite medications, but to take the screening blood test for cancer now. When the possibility of cancer enters the patient’s mind, fear takes over, thinking of the horrors of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, financial burdens on the family, death and dying, and the end time.

The End Time and Existential Threat are catchwords to provoke fear from climate change, pandemics, overpopulation or depopulation, environmental pollution, and nuclear war. On a personal level, we all share a universal fear of dying from cancer, going blind, losing our minds with Alzheimer’s disease, or dying alone. There is one common denominator: fear of the unknown. Uncertainty promotes more fear. Global warming, nuclear war, compromised science, changes in lifestyle and moral values, and increasing environmental pollution have contributed to weaken our immune response and make us more susceptible to parasite, fungal, bacterial and viral infections, including global pandemics. All these fears turn into a media-promoted Global Whining, some real and imaginary.

Who benefits from Global Whining? You can decide. Let me introduce an additional concept of social parasites and parasitic relationships triggering the end-game and existential threats on a global scale. I have been writing about parasites and dental problems as major overlooked medical problems for many years. There has been a general increase in public awareness of parasite-related chronic modern illness in many levels from viral infections and cancer. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and Joe Tippens describing a complete recovery from lung cancer by using fenbendazole, animal grade parasite medication went viral on the internet.

People has been self-medicating with OTC parasite medications. Some are designed only for animals at a fractional cost of prescribed parasite medications. At the same time pharmaceutical companies have been shamelessly, aggressively raising the prices of parasite meds. At times, I get panicked phone calls from my patients that it will cost them $5,000-$10,000 from a regular pharmacy. The multiple doses I use for a prolonged time are not covered by the insurance. Is it possible that the pharmaceutical companies are social parasites, taking advantage of the unsuspecting public? See my article, Medical Acupuncture on Large Intestine Meridian: Ancient Romans and U.S. Army Targets Demons.

How do we solve the dilemma of global pandemic parasite problems when pharmaceutical companies reap massive profits and behave like financial parasites, at the top of food chain? Parasites infections can engage in mind-control and manifest as mental illness. Deworming is not a dirty word. All my patients from Iowa who went to the Mayo Clinic for chronic mysterious illnesses have been dewormed, and most of them seem to respond and feel better (if they do not have concurrent dental problems that need to be addressed). Read my articles, Quarantine Iowa: Global Whining on Parasites, and Medical Acupuncture on Stomach Meridian: Global Whining and Fearmongering to Global Healing Rebellious Stomach Nobel Prize.

There is no promise or guarantee, but deworming the entire population might be one of the best public health policies for the prevention of modern chronic diseases. It might also break the vicious cycle of money grabbing by pharmaceutical industries for new expensive patented medications, but I doubt there will be strong political will or broad public support. Fake news, false flags, and propaganda sought to kill ivermectin as a horse dewormer, crude, unscientific, and even dangerous. Let’s start with deworming people with ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel, these triple parasite medications are best for tapeworms, flukes and common nematodes like Ascaris, pinworms and Strongyloides.

For Igor, I told him the ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel and nystatin (for fungal infections) which I prescribed two years ago were still good after two years at room temperature and he did not have to buy new medications. Most of the stockpiled medications after the Gulf War were still good for at least 15 years stored at room temperature per a US Army study, with some caveats. From practicing AMA evaluation on patients for three decades, I know there is an increased risk of cancer when I see disturbances on the spleen/pancreas, liver, and large intestine meridians. Igor will be on triple parasite meds and one fungal med for a long time not only for parasites, but for prevention in developing more serious medical conditions. Tolerate the uncertainty in medicine – the art of medicine – and less rely on random, double-blind control studies. Deworming is a New Uncertain Preventive Medicine.

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