Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) for All Chronic Disease: Can Old Cranky Physicians Try New Approaches?

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Let me reintroduce an old forgotten and neglected medical therapy called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) developed by Mexican military surgeon, Donato Perez Garcia, Sr., MD in 1932.  He was able to cure many medical conditions from asthma, psoriasis, migraine headache, neurosyphilis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and even some cancers.

Time magazine covered Dr. Garcia’s therapy as Insulin Shock Therapy in 1944. Despite media coverage, his ideas were never fully accepted in the United States. I previously wrote, “Insulin Therapy for other than Diabetes,” and another, “IPT as an Immune Support Therapy: Scientific Basis of Fudge Factors Needs New Calculation.” IPT simply targets deep hidden infection and inflammation by using fast-acting insulin.

Most young physicians follow prevailing medical policy and guidelines. There is too much risk to lose everything and their livelihoods. Is there room for older, independent, solo-practice established physicians who refuse to accept insurance-driven models so they can apply their experience in clinical decisions – rather than using cookie-cutter insurance, pharma, and algorithm driven protocols? They can be uncompromising contrarians, raising hell for their patients’ welfare, truly a rare, dying breed of independent, cranky old practitioners. The crankier the better. These physicians are far less likely burned out and depressed than those employed by a hospital or large healthcare organization. I try not to be too cranky; my goal is searching for and spreading old and new neglected, innovative treatments.

Consider all the modern chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, Lyme, obesity, neurologic disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, many forms of cancer, and more. These chronic diseases have become a very promising growth industry for the medical-industrial complex, bigger than the military-industrial complex. I forgot to mention other competing medical industries such as Kidney, Liver, Lung, Hormone, Anti-aging, Sexual dysfunction, Regenerative Medicine, etc. Follow the money as the global population is aging with multiple ailments and medical diagnoses. Medical science, Pharma and Big Money investors are betting on advances in Molecular and Gene Therapy, CRISPR technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for breakthroughs in managing chronic diseases – not necessarily in finding the cures. The magic word is disease management, not cure. IPT may change the playing field from managing diseases to the possibility of cures if you incorporate dental, fungal, and parasite infections as an integral part of medical therapy – three commonly overlooked underlying causes.

Most chronic diseases are not driven by genetics but by epigenetic changes resulting from underlying infections, environmental toxins and endotoxins, nutritional deficiencies, excessive calories, and overloading our main detox organ systems. Our current medical model rarely addresses dental-related medical issues and parasite infestations. We are blessed with an abundance of fake data, fudge factors and dogma in medical science. How can we seek out what is real and what is just more false, compromised data? Ask old timer physicians who do not take insurance, are independent, and not employed by hospitals. They will tell you how our medical system has become compromised, suppressed, rigged and controlled by you know who. One of the neglected therapies is IPT.

IPT was brought to the United States by a Canadian-American physician, Steven Ayer, MD in collaboration of Donato Perez Garcia, MD, grandson of original inventor of IPT. IPT has been combined with low dose chemotherapy (typically 10% of the standard dose) for cancer treatment as a safer, cheaper alternative to high dose chemotherapy. IPT can be also used as an independent Immune Support Therapy without using low-dose chemo by adding antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal medications, and anti-inflammatory agents, to reduced the total body burden of infection loads and reduce inflammation.

I presented at the International Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy in 2017 in Munich, Germany on “Fungus, Parasites, Dental and Energy Medicine,” and how to detect problems based on acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA). You can read more in my article, “Medical Heretics in Munich for Insulin Potentiation Therapy/Low Dose Conference.” Some of the cases presented included stage 4 multiple myeloma, lung cancer, squamous cell cancer of head and neck, and ALS neurological disorder. I have been successfully treating these patients by adding IPT as an adjunct therapy to reduce the total body burden of infections and inflammation.

For those interested in IPT, come to the 16th International IPT Conference in Mexico City on February 15-19, 2023. Featured speakers include Akbar Khan, MD from Canada, Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM, and Paul Anderson, NMD, who will lecture on, “Stories of Cancer Survivorship: Integrative Physicians share what worked and why.” I will give a one-day workshop on “Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) to Detect Hidden Parasites and Dental Problems: How to use Parasite Medications for Cancerous Conditions.” There will also be a training on new uses of IPT by Donato Perez Garcia MD himself, the great-grandson of the inventor of legacy Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

This International IPT Conference will gathers medical heretics in Mexico. They will come from around the world and open the doors to new ways of diagnosing and treating patients. For more information, contact the International Academy of IPT, and let other physicians – young or old, cranky or idealistic – know about this important organization offering a patient-centered, root cause, integrative health approach. Even if you are a cranky old physician, you can learn and try a new option, the healing power of Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).

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