JEDI Project: Exponential Healing by MAD JEDI

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Dental, Professional Training

The Jedi, a fictional class of warrior-monks, captured the imagination of the world through Star Wars movies in the late 1970’s, and became a mythical legend. A Jedi has to sacrifice his emotions so he remains impartial, sacrificing himself and fighting not for glory, but for duty. The Jedi and its acronym have been adapted by many organizations for inspiration, including the U.S. government.

The Jedi Project grew out of the New Patterns of Influence Program to disseminate neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) skills, using advanced technologies to promote superior human performance – and creating a group of super soldiers – under U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command in the early 1980’s. Last year, the Department of Defense awarded $10 billion to the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project, known as JEDI, to Microsoft despite protests from Amazon. What is JEDI? JEDI is a cloud computing contract, and who knows what they will do with the JEDI project.

I recently read The Warrior’s Edge, a book by Colonel John B. Alexander et al., a Special Forces Vietnam veteran, on the application of the U.S. military’s most advanced mind-training techniques to achieve peak performance on the corporate battlefield. He starts with a warning: disbelief is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a prerequisite for failure when dealing with the power of the human mind. His book is about strategies for tapping the untapped full human potential.

In August 2020, I held another in my series of acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) trainings in St. Louis for a small group of physicians and dentists despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This small group of doctors were willing to sacrifice their time and money (no CME credit), and take a chance to learn a new way of measuring human energy patterns based on ancient knowledge of acupuncture meridian systems. AMA is explained in many articles on my website at and in my two books, Accidental Cure and AcciDental Blowup in Medicine.

Inspired by Colonel Alexander’s book, I am announcing a new MAD JEDI project in St. Louis. JEDI stands for Joint EAV/AMA Doctors International. MAD stands for medical-allergy/immunology-dental, the constellation of factors most often overlooked in causing chronic illnesses, and confounding doctors, dentists and patients alike.

I told participants in my AMA Training that it is like learning a new martial art, or learning to tune and playing a violin at the same time. Tracking and navigating subtle energy meridians in the human body has been known for thousands of years: to be able to see the invisible, feel the intangible and hear the inaudible before problems show up in blood tests or X-ray. I focus on how to detect them, and prescribe treatments to rebalance energy fields using the wide range of tools open to integrative medical doctors. I offer AMA trainings twice a year; in late April and late August.

It takes time to master and integrate the complexity of ancient wisdom with modern Internal Medicine. I shared with the participants it takes training, practice and mastery to be a MAD JEDI who understands the medical, allergy/immunology and dental connection as a part of Joint EAV/AMA Doctors International. The response was overwhelmingly positive and they all want to become a MAD JEDI!

Disturbance of the Allergy/Immunology point often reflects hidden environmental toxins, fungal mycotoxins, heavy metal exposure or EMF sensitivity, in addition to parasites and dental problems. If you can correct parasite/fungal infections, fix dental problems, and balance the allergy/immunology point, the odds are in your favor to stabilize the condition and patients will have a better chance to fight whatever serious problems they have developed as a result.

It is easy to talk about and demonstrate the AMA process, but it requires focused dedicated time to practice and apply it to real situations, working face-to-face with patients who may not be ready to try parasite medications without proof of stool tests, or may not ready to extract teeth that looked okay on X-ray, so their dentist said nothing wrong with their teeth. Whom do you believe?

Recently, I have seen patients with advanced prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, stage 4 lung cancer, and ovarian cancer, and they all had parasite/fungal and/or dental infections as their part of why they had become ill. My therapy may not cure all their problems but it can stabilize them. I usually recommend they continue conventional therapy, which will become more effective with fewer side effects. I told my prostate cancer patient with a PSA of 950, bone pain, a pelvic mass, and leg swelling to get one Lupron shot which he did not want, but I needed to buy time so I could do my part which may take longer to yield beneficial effects. He was so against a Lupron shot that I had to convince him to work together with his oncologist. Last week, after many rounds of parasite/fungal meds and dental work, he told me his PSA was 3.4 and he was symptom free. I cannot claim that he is cured, but he is stabilized. There are numerous case studies, patient stories, and testimonials on my website and in my books.

Most people with a PSA over 100 do not survive long; PSA over 900 is like a death sentence. He accepted my recommendations based on “belief and trust,” took one Lupron shot while going through my parasite/fungal medications, recommended dental work, insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), and other supportive detox therapy. Belief is important. Why? As said by Colonel Alexander, “Disbelief is a self-fulfilling prophecy and a prerequisite for failure when dealing with the power of the mind.”

The JEDI project is for exponential healing by MAD JEDI, for doctors and patients who believe in integrative medicine and the ancient wisdom of meridian systems. It will help you unravel the mystery of complex chronic problems that do not seem so complex or mysterious after all. You can laugh at the JEDI (Joint EAV/AMA Doctors International) project as a fantasy, or decide to be part of the solution to your patients’ confounding medical problems, and become a MAD JEDI.