Live Longer One Less Tooth at a Time: The Secret of Anti-aging, Cancer, Lyme and Wellness Depends on Dental…

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Eat less – a Calorie Restricted Diet – and you will live longer. This is scientifically proven but not very popular. Extract one bad tooth and it may save your life. This is scientifically unproven and more than despised. Here is a case study: a 40-year-old married man from Florida, came to see me with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer; he was diagnosed in October 2020 and I saw him in May 2021. The cancer has been spread to his brain, liver, bones and lymphatic system. His metastatic brain had seven large and small tumor lesions with a grim prognosis. His initial symptoms were coughing, fatigue and diagnosed with bronchoscopy, biopsy, CT scan and PET scan.

He was under the care of a prestigious medical institution in Boston and receiving chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The initial response had been promising and the tumor was shrinking. He was referred by another alternative medicine practitioner to get a second opinion to rule out any overlooked areas by an academic medical institution, such as parasites and hidden dental infection: my special interests.

On acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA), 12 out of 40 meridians were out of balance. The large intestine, lung, small intestine, and gallbladder meridians were out of balance and dominant problems. He was started on ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel, tinidazole and nystatin to treat parasites and fungal infections. On panoramic dental X-ray and AMA, he had 3 bad teeth, with a root canal at number 19, while tooth numbers 20 and 29 were not clear-cut but showed evidence of dental infection.

In his AMA evaluation below, a green bar indicates balanced and normal, while a blue bar indicates chronic degenerative conditions. This technology provides a translation of physiology and biochemistry to frequency (think musical scale) based on meridians, a 5,000-year-old, new disruptive technology. For more information, see my latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life.

Most of my patients are eager to take parasite medications but are very reluctant to pull a tooth, especially if the dental X-ray does not show clear-cut dental infection. Most patients don’t come to see me again when a dentist says the X-ray and dental exam are OK. It is even harder to find a dentist to extract a tooth if the teeth appear fine on dental X-ray, and on a cone beam CT (CBCT) scan.

After a long discussion on medical and dental (MAD) disconnections, I told him, if he wants to live longer, get #19 root-canal tooth out. If he wants to live long enough to see if he will have children and see them grow, pull the other tooth, #20. If he wants to see his grandchildren grow up, pull all three bad teeth out. He got my message, and he did pull all three teeth.

His dental operation was uneventful, and he went through multiple cycles of parasite and fungal medications. He was on alectinib, an oral drug that blocks the activity of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase and used to treat non-small cell lung cancer, when I saw him. He did not tell his oncologist that he had three teeth extracted or that he was on parasite and fungal medications. He did not feel comfortable telling his oncologist that he was doing things considered way outside of box.

I had a follow up conversation with his alternative medicine physician recently, and he has been cancer free. Patient also said the all the tumors are gone, cancer marker is down, feeling well and doing well. Unfortunately, we will never know how much chemo/immunotherapy and dental/fungal/parasite therapy are contributing to his remarkable recovery. Cancer is relentless, its cells are metabolically flexible, and cancer stem cells and cancer mitochondria will outwit and survive chemo, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. It can always come back if you do not correct upstream dental and parasite problems.

Professor Thomas Seyfried’s book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, published in 2012 and the latest book by Jane McLelland, How to Starve Cancer, provide ample information on how to fight cancer and live longer. Metabolically, cancer behaves like metabolic parasites, according to Dr. Tim Guilford, MD. He presented a lecture on glutathione, cancer, and the Warburg Effect at the 8th International Alternative Medical Conference in St. Louis. We are always looking for a new diet or a new cure. Thomas Seyfried’s book extensively covers the metabolic management of cancer with the ketogenic diet. Jane McLelland goes beyond ketogenic diet and also covers repurposed off-label drug use including doxycycline, mebendazole, niclosamide, ivermectin, and more. I highly recommend reading these two books.

I have been using parasite and fungal medications for well over 20 years with remarkable responses, especially when combined with correcting hidden dental problems in many chronically ill patients – including cancer of all kinds, Lyme and chronic Lyme, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and fibromyalgia, IBS, IBD and many unusual, weird symptoms. Dental, fungal and parasite problems are missing links for medical failure. When you have advanced stage cancer, chronic illness or neurological disorder, there is no time to drill and repair a tooth, get a crown, root canals, or dental implants. You may live longer with one less tooth at a time. That is the secret of antiaging, cancer, Lyme and wellness. Remember that most dentists have no sense of humor, but they can extend your life or shorten your life, no laughing matter.

I will be giving a lecture in Boston on September 16-18, 2022, for the Advanced Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) /Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) Conference, Module 7, on Clinical Strategies to Optimize Metabolic Resiliency, Immunocompetence and Biotransformation. My talk is titled, Dental as a Missing Link for Medical Failures:  Lyme, Cancer, Neurologic Disorder and More.

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