Location, Location, Location: Geopathic Disturbance for Unsuspected Sickness

by | Oct 14, 2008 | Chronic Disease, Self-Help

I’m not talking about the golden rule of real estate when I say location, location, location. I’m talking about a faulty bed arrangement in your bedroom due to geopathic disturbances and their effects on your health. If your bed is in a zone of geopathic disturbance, you may develop many unexplainable medical symptoms and unsuspected sickness while you’re sleeping.

There are many theories and names for geopathic disturbance. It is more commonly called “Earth Radiation” or “Earth Ray.” Other names include “Curry Lines” (named after Manfred Curry, MD), “Earth Faults”, and “Cosmic Energy Shadows.” Earth rays emit radiation from the earth above subterranean water currents. The disturbances created by these Earth rays are called geopathic zones.

Some people are highly sensitive physically and emotionally to earth rays. This sensitivity is called “radiesthesia”. These individuals tend to be thin, fair skinned, serious minded, altruistic but highly sensitive, easily hurt and offended and are often young children. I have been studying German Biological Medicine for 15 years and the German practitioners are very aware of geopathic disturbances.

People who sleep in geopathic zones tend to suffer from unexplainable sickness. Usually it takes months or even years until the body becomes sensitized and weakened to the geopathic irritations to which it is exposed. Bacteria and parasites will more easily infect people already weakened from sleeping above a radiated area. These invaders are more likely to rapidly multiply in weakened immune systems. How do you know if you’re affected by geopathic disturbances and earth rays?

Those affected by these disturbances often have seen numerous medical doctors and alternative practitioners without significant improvements. In my practice, I address common medical problems often overlooked by traditional medical doctors. These include heavy metal toxicity, food allergies, hidden infections including parasites, nutritional deficiencies and unsuspected dental related medical problems.

The majority of my patients respond and feel better when most of the above major underlying problems are corrected. However, not every patient responds. They may have persistent unusual symptoms or suffer from recurrent infections.

When all else fails, consider that geopathic disturbances might be the cause of your unsuspected sickness. Ten indications of the presence of pathogenic zones of disturbance in the bedroom include (from the book Discoveries of a Dowser by Kathe Bachler from Germany):

  • Aversion against going to your bed, especially if observed in children
  • Not being able to go to sleep for hours, insomnia
  • Restless sleep, crumpled up sheet, nightmares, falling out of bed, crying out
  • Avoiding certain spots in the bed, rocking and head banging
  • Sleep walking
  • Being cold in bed, shivering, grinding teeth and night sweat
  • Fatigue and apathy in the morning and lasting through the day
  • Lack of appetite, even vomiting in the morning
  • Despondency, nervousness, depression, “just not feeling well”
  • Cramps, increased heart rate in bed

When nothing can be found as the cause of the individual’s condition despite exhaustive tests and hospital procedures, consider that any one of these symptoms is enough of a clue for geopathic disturbance as a “medical cause”, according to Hilde Plenk, MD (Vienna).

Dieter Achoff, MD from Germany reported in his paper, “Observations from a Geobiological Practice” in 1975, that he had achieved astounding results in his medical practice by relocating his patients’ beds. He states, “No longer does a physician need great courage to discuss these facts with his patients, since the phenomenon now enjoy general knowledge, due to all the experiments which have been conducted over the years. The physician who is cognizant of the existence of zones of disturbance can turn the wheel of destiny to his patients’ advantage.”

Once you are aware of the geopathic disturbance as a possibility for you or your child’s unsuspected sickness, the question is, “So, what do I do now?” You may rearrange your bed by following your intuition.

If you have dogs or cats, follow their instinct as guidance with the following rules. Dogs avoid earth rays. The others that avoid earth rays are horses, cows, pigs, chickens and birds. Even an obedient dog will not heed his master’s command if ordered to lie on a radiated spot. Find a spot where dogs like to sleep in the bedroom and that can be the spot for your bed.

As a rule, cats are earth ray seekers. The other earth ray seekers are bees, ants, insects, bacteria and parasites. Avoid spots where cats like to sleep in the bedroom.

For those serious health conscious readers interested in geopathic disturbances that might be influencing your health, you may need the assistance of an experienced professional dowser. You may do a Google search for “Dowser in Saint Louis, Missouri” or wherever you live.

Be educated and not medicated. Find a location for your bed without geopathic disturbances and be healthy and happy. “Where plants perish and animals are absent, there you also should not live. The place is unhealthy. You will experience disharmony and lose your poise. When you, however, find the place where happy, vital, and healthy people live, and many old folks in good health, then stay there. You soon do without medicine or physicians. The mysterious forces of Earth make you healthy.” Quoted from Nostradamus (from Dowsing Manual by Harald W. Tietze).