Mary from Argentina: The Bible Man from Arizona on Medical Exorcisms

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Cancer, Case Stories

How much do you know about the Bible? I did not grow up studying the Bible. I thought the Bible was almost like a fairy tale until I visited Israel during Easter Holiday in 2017. We visited most of the important historical sites from the Old and New Testaments. Since then, I bought a King James Holy Bible to read but I had not started reading it yet, until I saw Mary from Argentina.

Out of the blue, Mary, a 55 year old, tall attractive vibrant Argentinian lady from Buenos Aires, came to my clinic in April, 2017 and told me she had colon cancer metastasized to the adrenal glands and lung. She just showed up without any pre-consultation or inquiry to learn about my practice. Usually, I discourage chronically sick patients from another country from coming to see me due to too much stress from travelling, and the financial burden, especially for advanced cancer patients.

Mary’s colon cancer was diagnosed in 2013 when she had a blocked bowel obstruction and they resected her descending colon. The cancer had spread to her lungs in 2015, and metastasized to her adrenal glands in 2016. She had refused chemotherapy, and used natural herbal remedies. She had a feisty fighting spirit. She had severe low back/flank pain, which she rated 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, and was told she had kidney stones confirmed by ultrasound.

I let her know that I do not treat cancer so do not give chemotherapy designed to kill tumor cells, but I would investigate the underlying problems, like parasites, fungi, dental problems, and exposure to heavy metals or environmental toxins. Also, I provide nutritional, immune and detoxification support to help let the body heal and repair. I encourage all cancer patients to be monitored by oncologists and to follow their recommendations while I support them.

Mary was not interested in seeing an oncologist in Argentina or in America. Acupuncture meridian assessment indicated her dominant problems were coming from the large intestine and lung meridians, and allergy/immunology meridian.

Based on acupuncture meridian testing, she was started on ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel, tinidazole, fluconazole and itraconazole to cover broad spectrum of parasites and fungal infections, and started on IV nutritional support. Her cancer profile indicated an advanced stage of cancer with CEA of 114. She seemed to be responding to the medications, feeling better with more energy, but complained of persistent low back pain and uncontrollable coughing.

George, my patient I call the Bible Man, who sheltered my wife, Kate, and me when traveling through Arizona in a snowstorm last year, was visiting for a follow up evaluation. I asked George if he could pray for her. He believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible. He started praying for her in the name of Jesus in one room, and I was seeing another patient. I could hear intense uncontrollable coughing, and, then, a struggling, strange gagging sound.

Soon after, knocking on my door, Mary showed me that she coughed up a large, dark, blackish mass – the size of the end of a pinky finger, about 2.0 x 1.5 cm – tumor or encapsulated parasite. It was like George the Bible Man was exorcising the cancer tumor. I wish I could say that she had a spontaneous healing. Unfortunately, she had multiple nodular lung metastases and probably required multiple sessions of prayers and medical exorcism. George the Bible man went back to Arizona. I told George I would hire him as a Bible man to pray for my patients at Missouri’s minimum wage, but he did not take me up on my offer.

Later, Mary had intense back pain, and I sent her to the hospital for what I thought was kidney stone flank pain. She had had a fracture of her mid-spine from the cancer metastasis, and was admitted to the cancer floor for pain management. Once she was on opioids narcotics to control her severe pain, she was never the same, and gradually deteriorated and eventually passed away.

Since witnessing the episode of what I call “medical exorcism” by George the Bible man, I have tried using the Bible as a sort of medical device to uncover hidden acupuncture meridian disturbances. I have previously described the “enhanced interrogation technique” using color therapy and Battlefield Acupuncture to “pop” the universe and gain additional insights. I started using the Bible as a part of investigating tool for acupuncture meridian assessment when all my other efforts failed. With the patient holding the Bible, I was able to see more clearly the hidden medical problems I could not detect on my own, as if there are invisible powers or spirit over guiding you.

Is this supernatural phenomenon just an illusion, or perhaps delusion? Modern medical science cannot explain this phenomenon, unless you embrace the subtle energy of quantum effects and the biology of trust, faith and belief. A holistic Jewish psychiatrist heard my lecture previously and told me that it is neither an illusion nor delusion. It is real. He now follows my parasite medication recommendations.

Mary from Argentina and George the Bible man performing a medical exorcism are not random events, but somehow entangled by the string of chain of events called Life. Even for self-claimed Atheists, the Bible has helped uncover hidden medical problems. When all else fails, let the Bible reveal the Truth.