Medical Acupuncture on Large Intestine Meridian: Ancient Romans and U.S. Army Targets Demons

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Chronic Disease, Medical Acupuncture

Imagine divinity, humanity, and demons in a context of homeopathy, herbs, and drugs. What if I say parasites are like demons? Parasites are deceptive, evil, wiggly, shadowy characters. They literally suck and drain your energy, hijack your mind, and take over your will power. If we substitute the word “parasites” with “demons”, you can look at the history of mankind and medicine from quite a different perspective.

Parasites are one of the major overlooked medical problems along with hidden dental problems. We must ask, “Why are people getting sicker with mysterious illnesses? Why are they not responding to current standards of medical therapies?” Parasites are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality on a global scale. Well over 4 billion people are infected with parasites according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) based on the standard stool and blood tests for parasites.

According to CDC, 1.6 billion people are infected with Ascaris with over 60,000 deaths/year, 200 million people are infected by Flukes and Schistosomes with 20 million people dying from complications related to these parasites (Foundations of Parasitology by Roberts and Janovy), and 250-659 million people are infected with malaria with 1-2 million of them dying every year. These statistics are based on the standard stool test for ova and parasites. The real magnitude of the problems is much greater than CDC and WHO estimates because they are relying on the tests of stool and blood alone which I don’t believe to provide the total picture.

Ancient Romans failed, as reported in the Journal of Parasitology, to slow the spread of parasites despite the introduction of public multi-seat toilets, handwashing stations, sewage systems, and aqueducts for safe drinking water, all of which were built two thousand years ago. Romans were fond of a fish sauce called “garum.” This sauce was not cooked. They dipped bread into it. It was traded across the Roman Empire. And fish tapeworm eggs were widespread in Europe during the Roman Empire, according to paleo-parasitologist Piers Mitchell at the University of Cambridge. Coincidence or connection?

My firsthand experience using prescribed parasite medications came in the year 2001. I was deployed to Bolivia for the U.S. Army Reserve as a medical officer. We had a small medical, dental, and veterinary team. Our medical team extensively used the cheapest parasite medications provided by the U.S. Army for about 10,000 Bolivian native Indians. Those medicines were pyrantel pamoate and mebendazole. I wrote about my experience in Bolivia in my book, Accidental Cure.

Before Bolivia in 2001, I used homeopathic and natural parasite remedies with moderate success based on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA). I was well aware of hidden parasites problems. When I started using prescribed parasite medications from my experiences in Bolivia, there were dramatic responses that I never expected were possible.

When I was treating my patients with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)-like intestinal symptoms, which were detected based on disturbances on the large intestine meridian, some of my patients told me, not only did their IBS symptoms get better but also their asthma disappeared, eczema or psoriasis got resolved, recurrent pneumonia did not return, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia got better, anxiety/depression improved, fever of unknown origin went away, migraine headache resolved for the first time in many years, brain lesions disappeared on MRIs on MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients, sometimes tumors shrank, and so many other medical conditions improved. This information was not taught in my medical school or Internal Medicine training. The Large Intestine meridian is paired with the Lung meridian and the paired circuitry of the Stomach and Spleen meridian.

I was not treating these conditions but just treating for parasites based on the disturbance of the large intestine meridian. I was treating with parasite medications based on 30 years of medical practice and my U.S. Army military experience in Bolivia.

Parasites are so pervasive and yet so difficult to detect by our modern medical science. I have written many articles about parasites. It is not wise to rely exclusively on the standard stool test or blood test to detect parasites. We need to embrace and understand the concepts of subtle Energy Fields, Matrix, Prana, and Meridians that have been described in ancient civilizations.

Recently, I read, The Process of Healing by H. Van Gelder, DO, ND. He is a Dutchman, born in Indonesia, grew up in Asia, worked in India, and educated in Australia and England. He became a medical mystic and wrote in tis book that homeopathy had been known for thousands of years in India according to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. The story goes, Pythagoras, an Ionian Greek philosopher went to India and studied Ayurveda. Paracelsus, another mystical scientist of the Middle Ages, experimented based on the manuscripts of Pythagoras. Samuel Hahnemann based his theory of Homeopathy on the books of Paracelsus.

If Van Gelder’s writing is correct, the ancient Indian Ayurveda might be the great grandfather of modern Homeopathy. According to Van Gelder, the Ayurveda mentions three types of medicine for healing:

  1. Divine – Homeopathy
  2. Human – Herbs
  3. Demonic – Drugs

Drugs are only reserved for demonic (“parasites” is my interpretation). I have tried homeopathic and natural herbal parasite remedies with moderate success. But when I used the correct combinations of prescribed parasite medications in the right sequence (in conjunction with resolving hidden dental problems), there were dramatic responses to many unexpected medical conditions that seemed impossible to cure. I am convinced that deeply imbedded parasites will manifest into many faces of demonic expression of acute and chronic illnesses. Parasite medications, unlike antibiotics, are not covering the symptoms and suppressing the conditions.

I am against using medications to cover up symptoms, as promoted by pharmaceutical companies. However, I am convinced that parasite medications have been underutilized because parasites are deceptive, shadowy, and demonic. Drug companies have been recognizing the demand for parasite medications and have been aggressively raising the prices. They are becoming the monetary parasites on the parasites conundrum.

For those of you who might be interested in learning how to measure the subtle energy fields with Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) and how to detect parasites and hidden dental problems, check my website for a special training. Join forces like the ancient Romans and the U.S. Army. Two independent sessions of AMA training are scheduled for March 18-20th and August 26-28th, 2016. This training is designed for MDs, DOs, and DDSs.