Medical Acupuncture on Lung Meridian: Pulmonary Hypertension, Covid-19, Lyme and more

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Pulmonary hypertension – a type of high blood pressure that affects arteries in the lungs and the right side of the heart – can be caused by unrecognized dental infections and parasites. This is a bold statement. Can I back it up with evidence from case studies? Is it possible that asthma, COPD, post Covid-19 syndrome (Long COVID), Lyme, pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, and lung cancer may have an overlooked common denominator, in addition to smoking, allergies, molds, and environmental chemicals, viral and bacterial infections as common risk factors? What else are we missing? Overlapping parasite and dental infections may trigger medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) including pulmonary hypertension. That is my mantra, or broken record: Accidental Cure by treating unrecognized hidden dental and parasite infections. I have seen it before.

Recently I saw a 67-year-old retired microbiologist from Ohio with a history of pulmonary hypertension with shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, with thick mucus production and vibrating sensations in her chest and lungs. She also has Lyme, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and she suspected parasite problems with fatigue, leg edema (swelling), skin sores all over her body, and urinary incontinence. She brought forensic evidence of parasites with her: microscopic pictures of skin lesions, a wet mount slide from sputum, parasite eggs in stool, and larva in blood smear. Her doctors tried different combinations of parasites medications: albendazole, fenbendazole, mebendazole and doxycycline, but she was not responding. She was not suffering from delusion of parasitosis. She had forensic evidence of parasites.

After not responding to treatments with numerous parasite medications, how and where do we start? As a rule, if you do not kill parasites with sufficient duration and high dose medications, they will continue their reproductive lifecycles, morph (some are pleomorphic), and hide deeper into tissues. She already had extensive blood tests done which were positive for many viral infections, but the rest of her blood tests were unremarkable. More blood tests were not very helpful for her treatment plan.

When I checked her 40 acupuncture points using acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA), 13 out of 40 meridians were out of balance. I wrote extensively on acupuncture meridian assessment in many articles and in my books, Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients and my latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life. See the chart below, which measures 40 meridians from hands and feet on the right and left side. A reading of 45 to 55 in a scale of 100 is considered within normal range; green is balanced, blue is out of balance (scale 0 – 600,000 ohms).

Initial AMA Testing for 67-Year-Old Woman

My first evaluation indicated that her primary problems were coming from the large intestine and lung meridians, a primary suspect for persistent parasite problems that has not been treated fully; she also had disturbance showing in allergy-immunology, dental, hormonal, heart, and small intestine meridians.

On her second evaluation the same day – which I sometimes do for patients with complex issues in order to unmask deeper-level problems – I used six acupuncture needles on her head (I call this “Advanced Enhanced Interrogation Technique”) which unmasked 12 additional problems for a total of 25 out of 40 meridians out of balance: Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach and Skin meridians plus others. Most of her previous medication doses were not in right combinations, too small doses and too short duration: not potent enough to kill the parasites, and they were hiding in deeper layers of organs – almost like a cloaking device – and still cause damage.

Second AMA Testing for 67-Year-Old Woman (Enhanced Technique)

Based on her enhanced AMA reading and previous history, I selected high doses of ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel, tinidazole, doxycycline and nystatin for 30 days and gave her homeopathic liver, kidney, allergy, gallbladder, dental and lymph support remedies as a first step of targeting parasite, dental and fungal infections. I told her that this is a shotgun approach to get hyper-infection under control before we can do more fine tuning: that often requires dental operations, and ruling out environmental toxins. I can predict based on statistical probability and expect her response after a 30 days course of medications to indicate better balancing of her meridians in response to the medications.

The real test is when she comes back to see me for reevaluation. The odds are in her favor for a positive response when most of her 40 meridians are balanced. But that is only the beginning of the healing process. The fine tuning comes with treatment with rotating parasite/fungal meds to break the lifecycle; dental work as indicated by further AMA testing and other diagnostics;  detoxification of environmental toxins and heavy metals, etc. They must be done in the right sequence. Recovery is gradual and may take over a year; dental work is always an unknown factor beyond my control, in the hands of the dentist. Holistic biological dentists and oral surgeons are a part of my medical team.

I have witnessed this phenomenon since I went to Bolivia for my US Army medical mission in 2001. We treated about 10,000 Bolivian Andes Indians in a two-week period with parasite medications. I started with the US Army-issued parasite medications, pyrantel pamoate and/or mebendazole, and noticed patients with history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) often responded quickly with additional benefit, and people with IBS, asthma, and any lung-related problems also reported getting better.

According to the NIH National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), pulmonary hypertension is also known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs means that your heart has to work harder to pump blood into the lungs. This can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and lightheadedness.

In the United States, the most common cause of pulmonary hypertension is heart disease. From my perspective, hidden dental infections are the most overlooked factor underlying heart problems – not high cholesterol. Other conditions that can cause pulmonary hypertension include sickle cell disease, pulmonary embolism, which is a type of venous blood clot, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If left untreated, the increased pressure can damage your heart. This may lead to serious or life-threatening complications, such as heart failure or irregular heart rhythms.

Turning to the big picture, the lung is involved in the formation and movement of Chi. The Lung meridian governs the inspiration of Chi from air and expulsion of impure Chi from the body. The Lung meridian governs Chi and the Heart meridian governs blood. The Lung meridian and Large Intestine meridian are paired meridians, and paired in a full circuit with Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas meridians.

Unresolved emotional conflict from chronic grief, sadness, longing, or loss of zest in life may manifest in an imbalance of the lung meridian. Regardless of diagnosis with asthma, Covid-19, Post-Covid syndrome, Lyme, Pulmonary Hypertension, lung cancer, and other medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), look for hidden unrecognized parasites and dental infections as part of the solution. Learn about the matrix of subtle energy fields described by ancient civilizations, called Meridians, and how to detect and measure imbalances to enhance your knowledge and treatment of chronic, difficult health problems.

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