Medical Acupuncture on the Brain Meridian: Rejuvenation of Brain (RB) Therapy from Kazakhstan

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There is no such thing as a brain meridian based on classical acupuncture. However, from the medical acupuncture based on Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) from Germany, two meridians dominate the regulating brain function that are the gallbladder meridian and the dental meridian. The gallbladder meridian interacts and regulates the vagus nerve, and the dental meridian regulates the trigeminal nerve, the two dominant cranial nerves influencing brain activities. All meridians and organs are connected to teeth.

Disturbance of the gallbladder meridian has been associated with microbiome problems and parasites. Disturbance of the dental/oral cavity meridian has been associated with periodontal disease, dental microbiomes, dental parasite infections, amalgams, root canals, implants, TMJ, bite issues, sleep apnea, etc. These two meridians can manifest thousands of unexplainable physical symptoms, creating hundreds of medical and neurological diagnoses. In this regard, the gallbladder meridian and the dental meridian are the equivalent of a “brain meridian” in my opinion.

I met Dr. Arman Lurye at the International Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) conference in Mexico City in February 2023. I presented case studies on using IPT with cancer patients to reduce the total body burden of inflammation and infections without using chemotherapy. Dr. Lurye gave a talk on rejuvenation of the brain that was based on related concepts. Some of the cases he presented were compelling, leading me to investigate his RB-Therapy®. After the lecture, he said he could not explain what he does in detail in a one-hour lecture, but RB-Therapy® was patented in Russia, and in the United States for treatment of encephalopathy. He invited me to come to his clinic and experience it firsthand.

I signed up, with my wife. I had two separate episodes of environmental heavy metal toxin exposure, from mercury and palladium. As they affect mitochondria and metabolic function, I am at higher risk of developing cancer and neurological disorders. I have been aggressively going through DMPS/DMSA/EDTA chelation therapy and detox programs and I thought I could incorporate RB-Therapy® as a preventive measure. My wife had episodes of acute malignant hypertension from hidden dental problems and a higher risk for developing small vessel encephalopathy which can be dismissed as a part of the normal aging process. Our primary focus was on prevention and healing for ourselves and helping my patients by sharing this unique therapy.

RB-Therapy® is an innovative method of treating the brain in cases of ischemia and encephalopathy – a decrease in blood flow or oxygen to the brain – quickly, effectively and safely. It restores, activates and protects the brain, making it possible to recover from apathy, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, CFIDS/ME, and psycho-emotional burnout. It can also help post-stroke patients, those with dementia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-chemo brain fog, Parkinson’s disease, and those with anxiety, irritability, reduced libido, sense of emptiness, and lack of joy and happiness.

Dr. Lurye starts with what he calls a 3D scan to establish baseline brain function done by a psychologist for a composite of memory, psych-emotional and cognitive functional assessment of the brain. This is not a CT or MRI scan. And then, follow up tests to see the changes. RB-Therapy® is designed to benefit you whether you are a successful professional at the peak of your career who wants to maintain that level, an athlete to achieve peak performance, or you have a brain injury or disorder such as depression, chronic fatigue, psycho-emotional burnout, memory problems, strokes, or dementia.

RB-Therapy® focuses on improving: 1) vascular function, 2) metabolic function, and 3) nootropic-enhancing memory and cognitive function. It uses oral, intramuscular, and IV infusion of many different combinations of medications for both standard and off-label usage. RB-Therapy® cannot bring back dead neurons in the brain, but it can help restore dormant, inactive neurons from previous injuries from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and/or environmental toxins. Many different combinations of medications are given in oral, IM and IV in certain sequences, designed to pass the blood brain barrier (BBB) to penetrate to the brain cells. I cannot discuss individual medications due to this patented RB-Therapy®. Dr. Lurye thinks even cancer patients can benefit from this therapy as the brain controls all processes in the body, by supporting the immune system and promoting faster recovery. Another example is Long COVID, with cognitive and associated emotional disorders like memory loss, brain fog, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and encephalopathy.

Lurye Clinic was very clean and modern, with a highly sophisticated and friendly, professional staff; a tea ceremony is a part of the program. Each treatment room is spacious and private. RB-Therapy® lasts several hours, and can vary by patient. It consists of four therapies in nine days, while monitoring blood sugar levels. After infusion of the different medications (5-15 depending on the patient), I felt lightheaded, relaxed and tired. There was plenty of free time to explore Almaty between therapy sessions. The city was amazingly modern, clean, friendly, many different ethnic restaurants and bustling with people and traffic. Resting between therapy sessions was mandatory. The infusion therapies are rather expensive, and travel and lodging all add costs. If it will help preserve your brain function and rejuvenate your brain, it might be worthwhile to do so. My recommendation is to commit to parasite cleansing, dental work, detox and a nutritional regiment first before considering RB-Therapy® to maximize the benefits of this therapy. Dr. Lurye thinks restoring the brain function should come first and the rest of the job will be much easier. He has a different opinion, but the same goal to optimize patients’ overall function.

I had the privilege of evaluating some of the patients at the clinic. Most of them had parasites and some had dental problems. The gallbladder meridian regulates the gut/brain connection. Disturbance of the gallbladder meridian has been associated with migraine headache, concentration problems, eye/ear problems, neck pain, indigestion, abdominal pain with nausea, and hip, knee or foot pain. The gallbladder meridian influences the many interrelated parts of our central nervous system: the mesencephalon including the center of sleep and waking rhythm, diencephalon sleep center, cranial nerves involving the optic and trigeminal nerves; the parasympathetic nervous system including ciliary optic ganglion, vagus nerve in the medulla oblongata; and the cranial part of the sympathetic nervous system, per Dr. Voll’s German Electro-acupuncture Reference Manual. The gallbladder and liver meridians are paired meridians; they are linked to the canine teeth.

Paired Liver & Gallbladder Meridians               

Linked to Teeth #6, 11, 22 & 27

You can see more about the meridian interconnections between teeth and various organs and systems in the tooth-organ meridian charts which are presented below. For more on dental problems, see my article, Medical Acupuncture on Dental-Oral Cavity Meridian: Dental as a Missing Link for Medical Failures.

Dental Tooth-Organ Medical Connections

Of the about 20 of his patients I evaluated during my visit, one showed 15 out of 40 meridians out of balance (higher risk for developing cancer) on my initial evaluation. We decided to study how RB-Therapy® would influence the meridians. For that patient, after three RB-Therapy® sessions in one week, only 6 out of 40 meridians were out of balance. RB-Therapy® improved the majority of his meridians but did not correct parasite-gut-related problems that were disturbing his immune system.

According to Dr. Lurye, some patients respond very quickly in a few days, and some patients may notice gradual changes in a few weeks. Some patients respond dramatically, and some respond with gradual, subtle improvements. I will update you on my progress and observations. Two weeks after the therapy, Kate, my wife noted more energy, less pain overall and better mood. Combining RB-Therapy® with my focus on hidden dental and parasite infection can be a powerful synergistic therapy for health of the body, brain and mind. You may investigate RB-Therapy® by Dr. Arman Lurye at the Lurye Clinic;, and contact them. Perhaps you may optimize, preserve or reactivate inactive brain neurons from previous events before there is a physical-emotional manifestation; you may consider this combination therapy a true prevention and healing for your life.

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