Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Covid-19 & Radical Cure: Build Natural Immunity by Do Nothing or Pull Your Teeth?

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There is no vaccine or natural immunity for Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MTSD). However, Covid-19 viral infection triggers natural immunity – by basic immune response. The cause of MTSD is not well known; it is an autoimmune disorder, enigmatic, and is not considered infection related. However, there might be an unusual radical cure for MTSD. On the other hand, natural immunity, vaccines and cures for Covid-19 have been hotly debated among virologists, immunologists, clinicians and politicians. Thanks to social media, the public has been well informed and/or misinformed about this hot topic and their choices.

A patient came to see me recently with high cholesterol of around 300. She did not want to take the cholesterol-lowering medication recommended by her primary care physician. She was looking for a physician who would treat her as a person and not as a lab cholesterol number. She said her grandmother had cholesterol levels well over 300 most of her life, and lived till a ripe old age of 105. I do not treat cholesterol; see my article, Cholesterol Therapy Based on Compromised Science. It was not a difficult decision to accept her as my patient. Leave the cholesterol level alone.

However, a do-nothing philosophy for a chronically ill, very sick patient is not an easy task. Actively doing nothing for an obviously high cholesterol or hypertension is even harder. We as a physician are trained to “Do Something” for patients, the more the better. At least that was part of my Internal Medicine training:  a battery of blood tests, CT/ MRI, PET scan, EKG, EEG, endoscope up and down, etc. and end up treating the symptoms with medications. More is not necessarily better, but is it possible doing the minimum might be the best for the patient?

Some old-timer practitioners or the original family medicine or alternative medical practitioners who do not take insurance often understand the importance of supporting the whole body with nutrition, a healthy immune system, balancing the biological terrain, and periodic fasting and deworming for parasites: the forgotten art of medicine.

A radical cure can come from prolonged fasting when nothing works. About 20 years ago, I have supervised a 40-day fast, the ultimate detox program, on a patient at his request for me to medically supervise him while fasted. He had some GI problems that were not responding to conventional therapy, and he wanted a 40 day fast as his spiritual journey and healing.  My initial acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) indicated he had multiple meridians out balance, and he could benefit from parasite medications.

Instead, I gave him an instruction to make vegetable broths with sea salts and drink bone broth for hydration, and to provide minimum trace elements and electrolytes from sea salts. I did check his AMA on 20th day and noticed significant improvement. On the 40th day, all his meridians were balanced, and he said he felt great and lost only about 15 lbs. of weight. If he had parasites before fasting, there were no signs of parasites on AMA evaluation after the 40 day fast. See my article, 40 Day Fast for Parasite Eradication: Fasting may Save Your Life.

A simple cure may come from actively doing nothing: by fasting and letting the body detox, heal itself, and build natural immunity. More radical cures may come from pulling teeth that appears normal on dental X-ray. A normal dental X-ray, even a normal cone beam dental CT (CBCT) scan, does not necessarily mean one does not have dental infection. I addressed this issue in my recent article, Endless Dentistry Forever Sickness: Dentists Have No Sense of Humor – Gravity Does Matter.

As an example, about twelve years ago, I saw a female airline pilot, who appeared physically fit in her early 50’s, suffering from a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) and no longer able to fly. Her fingers were so stiff and swollen that she cannot bend her fingers and is medically disabled to fly as a pilot. MCTD is an autoimmune disease that has signs and symptoms like lupus, scleroderma, arthritis, polymyositis, or Sjogren’s syndrome. In later stages, it may affect the lungs, heart or kidney.

Clinical presentations and lab findings can be confusing and delay in diagnosis and treatment. The pilot’s acupuncture meridian assessment indicates her primary problem was coming from dental related problems. Her dental X-ray showed multiple root canals and dental implants but there were no sign of mercury amalgams, or of abscess or acute dental infections.

My recommendation was that she needs to pull all her teeth and wear full dentures with the understanding that there was no guarantee that her conditions would improve. Most of my patients never come back to see me again when I recommend pulling any tooth out. She was no exception. She never came back to see me. However, I ran into her dentist later, and he told me that she did pull all her teeth and she was symptom free and flying again. I saw her only once and her symptoms of MCTD resolved by pulling her teeth. I had to give her a credit that she was willing to pull all her teeth without any promises from her dentist or her doctor.

The extremes of “actively doing nothing” – aka, a 40 day fast – and pulling all one’s teeth – are hard for patients, and these options are not usually acceptable to them as a Radical Cure. However, I do find most patients are willing to do a moderate diet with “intermittent fasting,” and extracting some root canals and removing amalgams when their life is in danger from incurable chronic illness.

The more you remove hidden infections (like root canals, parasites, and fungal infections), detox environmental toxins, and support your immune system with a proper diet; you are building natural immunity regardless of your diagnosis: mixed connective tissue disease, Lyme, Covid-19, malignant hypertension, cancer or heart disease, etc.

Your immune system has a built-in seventh sense to naturally seek and guide you how to detox, what to eat, and to heal itself if you let it. No vaccinations will cure MCTD but pulling your teeth might be a giant step for self-healing and you may call it Radical Cure, Accidental Cure, or AcciDental Blow-Up in Medicine. For Covid-19, let the scientists, clinicians, big pharma, and politicians fight the War on Covid-19; but who benefits and at what price?

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