Parasite Guy on UFO and FUO: Aliens and Parasites

by | Jun 12, 2012 | Case Stories, Military Learning, Parasites/Fungi

Unknown to most Missourians, Missouri had a close encounter with UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and aliens near Cape Girardeau before the famous Roswell incident happened in New Mexico in 1947. The source of the information was from one of my patients who is a university librarian who recently gave me a copy of an article which I briefly scanned. I politely took the article and threw it in the trash. I thought she was one of those oddball, weird people who are attracted to not only alternative medicine but also alternative history, politics, finance, and science.

Have you seen the movie, Men in Black? Do you believe in UFOs and aliens? I know there are many people who believe in UFOs and aliens and there are many organizations worldwide, from our government to ordinary citizens, who are investigating UFOs and aliens.

Thousands of documents have been declassified and released recently on the UFO phenomenon from U.S. intelligence in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), FBI, CIA, and NSA as well as military intelligence of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. As of November 2011, the White House released an official response that, “The US government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”

Almost at the same time, I received a forwarded email from my patient, retired one star Air Force General Y, who wrote a letter to his friend’s friend as to why he needs to see me. He refers to me as a “Parasite Guy.” His physician is a U.N. tropical disease specialist and could not solve his parasite problems. I was not particularly flattered by referring to me as the Parasite Guy but I guess it could be worse.

General Y came to see me four years ago with a working diagnosis of Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) for several years. He has been evaluated at Walter Reed Hospital, the best military hospital, and by an infectious disease specialist at CDC (Centers for Disease Control). He said he gave over one hundred vials of bloods, urine, and stool samples to CDC for evaluation. There were no significant findings or improvement. He was officially diagnosed with FUO.

When he came to see me, he was still complaining of a 102-103 degree Fahrenheit fever, bone chills, elevated muscle enzymes, back cramps, lethargic, poor sleep, nocturnal urination, and muscle cramps. Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA), an evaluation tool that I use, indicated his primary problems came from Large Intestine, Gallbladder, and Liver and Spleen meridians.

He was started on high doses of Ivermectin and Pyrantel pamoate (common dog parasite medications) for ten days. One year later, when I saw him again in Washington DC, he said he is feeling well and his FUO has been resolved. His fever was caused by parasites. I can only guess what type of parasites by his response to the medications. A hundred vials of stool, blood and urine analysis did not detect the infectious cause of microbes or specific parasites.

I have seen a few more cases of FUO. Another case came from the White House, staff Air force Colonel R, who got deadly sick while he was in South America monitoring drug trafficking. He was air evacuated from La Paz, Bolivia and hospitalized at Walter Reed and Bethesda Navy hospital. He had some improvement but still had lots of residual medical problems. He had too many symptoms and diagnoses to mention but one of the diagnoses was FUO. Many of his symptoms also responded to parasite medications. His dental problem is another nightmare I might write about sometime in the future.

After his response to parasite medications, I was invited informally to Washington DC to Andrew Air Force Base and their Pentagon Flight Annex medical clinic to meet a White House physician (another Air Force Colonel H) who is taking care of all White House staff except the president. I demonstrated Acupuncture Meridian Assessment and how to detect parasites and determine treatment. He showed some interest but there was never a follow up from the White House medical team to investigate any further.

That is not unexpected but still I was hoping they would be more interested to find out what I do. I understand that when a new idea is too radically different, it is hard to believe and follow through. I know there are many soldiers silently suffering from hidden parasite infections. They’re afraid to tell the military medical doctors because when the medical doctors cannot find out what is wrong with them, eventually, they get medically discharged. I recommend you read my short article, “Operation Enduring Freedom: Saving Colonel H.”

So, why am I bringing together these topics of UFO and FUO? Both UFO and FUO are dealing with unknown phenomenon. It might be unknown flying objects or unknown fever of origin. You may remember the famous quote by former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, “known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

UFO and FUO are somewhere in between Donald Rumsfeld’s known unknowns and unknown unknowns. I can never say for sure that UFOs and aliens actually exist but I can say for sure that there is a connection between FUO (fever of unknown origin) and parasites. I can even elaborate and say that parasites are like aliens silently invading our body and taking over our health for their advantage.

There are a small circle of retired military officers from the Washington DC area who are referring to me as the parasite guy. I am not exactly flattered but I hope you understand why I am bringing together these topics of UFO and FUO. We are dealing with unidentified unknown unknowns.

It seems Air Force officers are more prone to encounter UFOs as well as FUO. Is there a connection between the Air Force, UFO, and FUO? Is there another new conspiracy in progress? I hope you had fun reading this article. As a retired reservist Army Colonel, it is kind of fun comparing UFO, FUO, aliens, parasites and Air Force officers.