Parasite Medication Usage Disclaimer: Invisible, Inaudible, Intangible, Immeasurable Parasites

by | May 16, 2013 | Parasites/Fungi

Parasites are difficult to detect from a stool test unless there is an acute full blown infection. The stool test has been considered a gold standard test for over 100 years for parasite evaluation. If there are no parasites or parasite eggs detected, we are told there are no parasite problems. However, can we trust the stool test as a reliable test for deeply hidden parasites? Most physicians do not trust the test but there is no better alternative test available for parasites.

Many of my patients come from all over the country with the expectation that I will treat them with parasite medication for their unexplainable medical conditions. However, I do not treat everybody with parasite medications. I have written many articles on parasites that explain how difficult it is to detect parasites. I’ve also explained that there is a new way to detect and treat parasites based on acupuncture meridian assessment which is considered a highly unconventional biometric evaluation.

Most patients think they have parasites when I prescribe parasite medications. I have written many disclaimers not claiming that I have found the actual parasites but only detected “frequency equivalent parasite activities” based on meridian evaluation and harmonic bio-resonance phenomenon.

Parasites are truly hard to detect based on stool analysis, blood test, or DNA analysis and are often misdiagnosed and untreated. My experience in Bolivia as a US Army medical officer treating about 10,000 native Andes Indians in 2001 has been a major turning point for using parasite medications.

I’ve been detecting parasites and using a variety of parasite medications for many years in successfully treating chronically ill patients. Many of their success stories are on my website and in my book, Accidental Cure. My practice would generally not be considered standard community care by conventional medicine because I don’t do the standard stool, blood, or DNA tests since I don’t believe they give the true story of parasite-like conditions in the body. However, patients come to me for this very reason. They have not had success with conventional evaluations and treatments.

I do not claim to actually detect parasites but rather I hypothesize that parasite-like conditions are detected based on my evaluation and I therefore treat accordingly. For example, my colleague physician, Dr. W, had an advanced stage of congestive heart failure and came to see me after he heard my lecture on how incurable medical conditions responded to parasite medications. He was willing to take parasite medications without the physical proof for the existence of parasites, as I recommended.

I am willing to try parasite medications for my patients’ puzzling medical conditions if they are willing to accept my recommendation based on acupuncture meridian assessment. The determination is based on my clinical experiences with numerous parasite treatments over many years, which all started as a US Army medical officer in Bolivia. No matter how many times I tell my patients there is no physical proof that you have parasites in your body but only “frequency equivalent of parasite infection,” and that it is disturbing certain specific meridians, they don’t always hear what I am saying. They think I told them loud and clear, “You have parasites!!!”

Dr. W asked how can one claim and treat something when the problem is invisible, inaudible, intangible, and immeasurable by the standard test? I told him, I will start calling parasites Aliens, Terminators, and Predators (ATPs) as a code name.

A case study of a large cancer tumor disappearing in a short time after using parasite medications was described in my article, “The Disappearance of the Universe As We Know It for WIMP: What if the cancer patient does not have cancer?” The article was questioning, “What is cancer, anyway?” Is there a connection with tumors and parasites?

If the tumor mass disappears after parasite medications, we can assume parasites may play a role in the formation of tumors but there is no proof according to current medical science. Cancer and tumor formations are complex biological processes of genetic and epigenetic influences. Parasite medication may have secondary pharmacological properties of which we may not be aware. If other underlying factors are not corrected, the tumor will always come back.

There are many phenomena of which it can be said that there are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. We use parasite medication for specific parasite infections based on stool test. This is a known known. It might also eradicate unidentified unknown parasites and that is known unknown.

We may also experience many unexplainable medical conditions that disappear with parasite medications from an unknown mechanism. This is an unknown unknown. You may want to read my article about a cancer treatment, “Ivermectin Deficiency Syndrome,” on my website. If you are taking parasite medication, it does not necessarily mean that you have an active parasites. The decision to use parasite medication is based on history taking, physical exam, acupuncture meridian assessment, and my clinical experiences.

If you feel comfortable with my explanation, you may take the medications. If it does not make any sense, please, don’t take the medications. This is more than a choice of choosing the red pill or green pill and going down the rabbit hole of the biology of belief and quantum effects. Only after you take the medication, will you know the results. If your condition improves with parasite medications that does not mean you have parasites. However, if you see worms passing in your bowel movement, skin, or coughing up, you can finally say, “I have parasites!” You become a final believer for “show me” the invisible, inaudible, intangible, and immeasurable parasites.