Parasite Treatment Hacked by an MIT Engineer: Think Small, Dream Big for Pandemic

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Case Stories, Parasites/Fungi, Self-Help

A pandemic is coming. Time magazine’s May 15, 2017 front page cover reads, “Warning: We Are Not Ready for the Next Pandemic.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ranks a bird flu strain from China, H7N9, as the disease with the greatest potential to cause a pandemic – an infectious disease outbreak that goes global and whose death toll could be in the millions.

We have been programmed to believe for the last few years that a new pandemic is coming. Perhaps a pandemic is already here. More than one billion people are infected with parasites, which live and reproduce in one or a series of host animals. They are acquired through eating or drinking infected food and water, blood contact, skin contact, and from insect, pet or animal bites. According to Global Burden of Disease figures, more than 1 million people die each year from parasitic infections, led by malaria. In addition, parasites cause malnutrition, anemia, kidney failure, and other complications that result in more than an additional 1 million deaths per year.

Many Americans have parasite problems – an important yet overlooked cause of many chronic, non-communicable diseases – but we are not aware of it. They may manifest as asthma, pneumonia, chronic fatigue, anemia, arthralgia, migraine headache, food sensitivities, behavioral problems, etc. I have written numerous articles on parasites.

What would you do if I told you that you can treat parasite problems by yourself, and treat your family without visiting a medical doctor? It may seem a daunting task, but would you like to know? It is not simple, but it can be done. I just found out from one of my patients, whom I will call Bible Man.

I was driving with my wife, Kate, on my way to the West Coast in January 2017 in my convertible, and became snowbound when several feet of snow fell in Northern Arizona. I did not expect nor prepare for a snowstorm on this trip. My wife was not happy with my lack of planning, driving thru a snowstorm with summer tires. Luckily, Bible Man knew we are driving thru, and offered us an invitation to stay at his house for temporary shelter from the storm. My wife said yes, and I did not dare to say no.

We stayed at his house for two nights until we could drive again. Bible Man and his wife were gracious hosts, and we had many interesting conversations on worldly topics of medicine, politics, science, religion, etc. During our evening conversation, he got an urgent message from his friend to check out a website on how to treat parasites developed by an MIT engineer.

We opened the website, Debug Your Health:, developed by Susan L., PhD, from MIT. She lives in Silicon Valley. I almost fell off from my chair. She was my patient, and I had taken care of her and her family a few years ago. Her website covered extensively how to detect hidden parasites and dental related problems. She is an MIT engineer who cracked the secret of hidden parasites and dental problems based on her experiences as my patient, observing my acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) testing, and from her work with other practitioners. She refined my technique with some form of self-muscle testing.

It took me many years of training in medical school, Internal Medicine training, US Army military medical doctor experiences, and years of trial and error in the clinic to figure out hidden parasites and dental problems. Most medical professionals miss the connections between hidden parasites and dental problems that can impact chronically ill patients. And yet, in a few years, an MIT engineer had figured out how to test for hidden parasites and dental problems based on her personal experiences as my patient, and she was able to “hack” the medical system.

I did not review all of her website, but it is well organized, and worthwhile to explore when you cannot get any help from your medical doctors. I do not necessarily endorse her method of undercutting and bypassing the medical system, but she seems passionate that she and her family suffered unnecessarily from the lack of understanding in the medical community about hidden parasites and dental problems.

She figured out and cracked the code like a good engineer. I have been pondering about her audacity to educate the public and put this information out on the internet while most physicians are in denial about the existence of parasite and dental problems. There is always the danger of self-treating with the wrong medications by the public, and most medical doctors are not familiar with parasite medications to guide these desperate patients.

I like to think small. I treat one patient at a time based on acupuncture meridian assessment. From now on, I can think small and still dream big. I will let engineers think big, dream big, and solve the mystery of pandemic parasite problems: a global environmental health threat. The pandemic is here. The CDC and medical communities are not ready to crack the hidden code for detecting hidden parasites and dental problems. The paradigm is shifting. Dream big and you can hack the medical system by navigating sites like  You may stumble onto an accidental cure, but be mindful of your limitations.