Parasites Follow Money: Disease Follows Money

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Parasites/Fungi

“Disease follows the money. Follow the Dollar bills.” Can we actually predict the future of the world economy, finance, war, politics and pandemic outbreaks based on global data into one basket of information?

According to David Weinberger, a senior researcher at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory at Harvard Law School, he thinks it is possible.

His article, “The Machine That Would Predict the Future,” in the December 2011 issue of Scientific American,  addresses the question, “Is it possible as some of the most scientific minded scholars think that if you gather all the world’s data into a black box, could it become a crystal ball that would let you see the future and even test what would happen if you choose A over B?”

“Imagine a novel in which a deadly flu virus emerges. Where will it spread? Physicists and epidemiologists have begun to tap enormous data streams to make predictions about how a pandemic might play out and what can be done to stop it. Scientists took data from the “Where’s George project,” which tracks the location of millions of dollar bills as they move across the U.S., to model how 2009’s H1N1 flu virus would likely spread. Other researchers used air and land traffic patterns in the same way.

The studies demonstrated both the promise and problems of big data: they accurately predicted where the flu would spread, but they severely undercounted the number of people who would end up infected.

The conclusion of the essays states that, “the answer may come down to a disagreement about the nature of knowledge itself. We have for a couple of millennia in the West thought of knowledge as a system of settled, consistent truths. Perhaps that exhibits the limitations of knowledge’s medium more than of knowledge itself…Unless, of course, the messy contention of ideas-nerds arguing with nerds is a more fully true representation of the world.”

After reading this Scientific American article, I could not help thinking that if disease follows money based on raw data following the movement of dollar bills, and if hidden parasite infections often precede the disease, therefore, parasites are disguised with a multitude of medical symptoms and they are the ones going after the money. Parasites are followed by disease, disease follows money, and therefore, parasite follows money.

It is time to question the arrogant idea of the West’s thought of knowledge as a system of settled, consistent truths. Big global data does not predict the individual expression of illness. We can vaccinate everybody and hope it will prevent the epidemic, and we can treat individually to strengthen each person’s unique immune system and prevent the epidemic.

There is also a big problem with the reliability of the testing for infectious parasites. Parasites are often carriers of bacteria and virus. We have the ability to test stool for ova and parasites and DNA testing but most of the parasites are outside of the GI tract. The idea of the “Where is George (Dollar Bill)” project is very much like a “Where’s Parasites” project!

Follow the dollar and you will encounter both the diseases and parasites. Parasites have their own parasitic relationships with environmental toxins, bacteria, fungus and virus. (It sounds more like our current American politics and finances as the money trail goes to politicians, lobbyists and Wall Street.) Once the parasites have a stranglehold on you, they will drain your finances to treat whatever the name of the disease.

Name your disease and name your dollars. Kidney problems for $50,000, heart problems for $100,000, and colon or breast cancer for $250,000. The dollar amounts are fictional and conservative estimations and I hope you get the idea.

Medical care and the burden of hospital expenses are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcies in the United States. Sometimes, it’s better not knowing the name of the disease. Before you go to the hospital for an expensive mega workup, I would start with parasite cleansing (and dental work) and you may notice your unexplainable medical symptoms disappear. Stop the money trail with parasite remedies.