Parasites without Borders at the White Man’s Graveyard: Asymmetric Paradox of Bacterial, Fungal and Animal Parasites

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, History of Medicine, Parasites/Fungi

Parasites have no borders. They can run, swim, fly, and time travel, becoming the kingpin of the evolutionary process of the Tree of Life. They can travel the Silk Road, sail the Pacific Ocean, or fly in a first class Dreamliner Boeing 777 or jumbo Airbus 380. Parasites do not discriminate based on color, sex, race or religion. Parasites have created the abundance of human miseries since the time of the creation and evolution of Life as we know it.

Many different shapes and invisible forms of the parasites have been the creator of degeneration and chronic illness. So, what is the White Man’s Graveyard? White Man’s Graveyard was a term used in the late 19th century, when the French failed to build a canal at Panama after a great loss of life of French men from yellow fever and malaria. In the early 20th century, by exterminating malaria and yellow fever on the Canal Zone, the Americans made it possible to build the Panama Canal. The White Man’s Grave was also used to describe high death rates from malaria in Sierra Leone and West Africa.

According to Asa Crawford Chandler, “The history of modern medicine, so far as infectious diseases are concerned, is nothing more nor less than the history of parasitology in its broad sense, including bacterial, fungal and animal parasites…We like to think of nature’s beauties; to admire her outward appearance of peacefulness; to set her up as an example for human emulation. Yet under her seeming calm there is going on everywhere – in every pool, in every meadow, in every forest – murder, pillage, starvation and suffering.”

You probably never heard of Asa Crawford Chandler and according to him, the history of man is the history of wars, worms and disease. Chandler was a US soldier, biologist and parasite specialist. His book, Animal Parasites and Human Disease (1918) with his message, along with his name, have been long forgotten among contemporary medical doctors.

He also stated, “Many physicians of the old school have been so busy or so unprogressive that they have never attempted to add to or modify the knowledge they had when they first took the medical profession 20-30 years ago.”  Not much has changed in the last 100 years.

DNA virus, RNA retrovirus, genomics and microbiome are hot topics today. Parasitology has never been a sexy topic, or much sought after, yet parasites are a major cause of morbidity and mortality on a global scale. I never heard of Chandler until one of my patients, Natalie from Kansas City, gave me the 100-year-old original first edition of the Chandler’s book as a gift for helping her with parasite problems when none of her physicians ever took her seriously.

Chandler’s forgotten century-old message needs to be rediscovered, and we should honor him as a true soldier, investigator and teacher about parasites. He was a second lieutenant in the Sanitary Corps, United States Army in 1918-1919, and eventually became the president of the American Society of Parasitologists. His special interest was Hookworm Disease.

As a clinician, reading the life cycle of parasites and studying their evolution puts you to sleep, and one cannot connect the dots on how they are related to my chronically sick patients. Most current parasite textbooks are full of data, facts, and dry information, hard to digest and read. However, when I evaluate my patients using acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA), I can feel, hear, and see parasite activities through the pattern recognition of the disturbed meridians. The hidden parasite activity becomes real, interactive in this quantum world.

Most parasitologists are in academic fields or work for the government and they study rare parasites. They have no real experience treating parasite related patients with anemia, IBS, IBD, asthma, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc. I have touched on these topics many times in my short articles and in my book, Accidental Cure. We believe in the illusion of the perfect fractal symmetry of Yin/Yang, but actually we live in a Paradox of Asymmetry.

The first asymmetric paradox is the separation of the academic, medical profession and clinicians. The second asymmetric paradox is the separation of parasites from bacteria and fungus in our medical training. Parasites bring their own parasites, bacterial microbes and fungus. Chandler understood that we cannot separate bacteria and fungus from animal parasites.

From the evolutionary point of view, the Universal Ancestors, perhaps thru the Panspermia, DNA, RNA, and ribosome has been evolving into bacteria, archaea, protozoa, fungus, and animal parasites as a continuous spectrum of the creation, evolution and co-creation of the advanced animals and Mankind.

The third asymmetric paradox is that the most dangerous parasites are not 30 foot long tapeworms, ascaris, flukes or protozoa but the parasitic human (Para-sapiens) relationships. They are engaging in social, political, financial, emotional and spiritual parasitism. Many incurables are due to inability to terminate parasitic human relationships.

The fourth asymmetric paradox is the separation of the medical and dental professions. Many bacteria, fungus, mycobacteria and parasites are in the oral/dental areas, creating hidden, perpetual infections and we cannot break the chronic infections without addressing dental and jaw infection.

The fifth asymmetric paradox is the super-specialization of parasites. We rely on stool tests to detect parasites when most parasites are outside of the GI tract. They may laugh at us.

The sixth asymmetric paradox is the acceleration of the adaptation of parasites, better than we can in this toxic environment with toxic chemicals, toxic emotions and dirty electro-magnetic frequencies that we created. The more parasites without borders are thriving and we are degenerating, the White Man’s graveyard will turn into All Man’s graveyard unless there is a radical change – True Reform – within us. Let’s spread, educate and dig out of the graveyard together! The Accidental Blow Up in Medicine is waiting to happen but we can prevent and heal. Love heals. Tough love heals faster.