Parasitic Human Called Para-sapiens: Forgiveness for Nobel Prize Winners Gone Bad

by | Oct 27, 2016 | History of Medicine, Parasites/Fungi

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published an article questioning the wisdom of the Nobel Prize. It was titled, “Five Decisions That Made the Nobel Prizes Look Bad,” published on October 9, 2016 in the Sunday news section, and written by Karl Ritter from the Associated Press.

Nobel Prizes cannot be revoked so the judges must put a lot of thought into their selections for the awards. Prize founder Alfred Nobel wanted to honor those whose discoveries created “the greatest benefit to mankind.”

Among five Nobel prize decisions that, in hindsight, seem questionable is the award to the Danish scientist Johannes Fibiger who won the 1926 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery that a roundworm caused cancer in rats. There was only one problem: the roundworm didn’t cause cancer in rats.

Fibiger insisted his research showed that rats ingesting worm larvae, by eating cockroaches, developed cancer. At the time he won the prize, the Nobel judges thought that made perfect sense. It later turned out the rats developed cancer from a lack of vitamin A.

The other four questionable Nobel Prize winners include awarding a German scientist, Fritz Harber, who organized chlorine gas attacks during World War I, Swiss scientist Paul Mueller who found uses for DDT, Portuguese scientist Antonio Egas Moniz who invented lobotomy, and Mahatma Gandhi who was nominated five times but never won the Nobel Prize for Peace. (There are many other questionable Nobel Prize winners whom I will not discuss.)

Karl Ritter also pointed out that most Nobel Prize winners are men. Since the first Nobel Prizes were handed out in 1901, 833 men and 48 women have received the honor. Economics has the worst gender balance, with only one female laureate. Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature but don’t expect Carol King, Janet Yellen, or Hillary Clinton to win next year’s prize.

Talking about the Nobel Prizes gone bad, let’s give a little jab for giving awards on parasites as a cause of cancer.  Is it possible for human (homo-sapiens) and parasites to evolve and merge into a new hybrid species called “Para-sapiens”?

I’ve written many articles on parasites including attributing demonic qualities to parasites. I’ve delivered many lectures on parasitic relationships and why we aren’t going to get truly well unless we not only get rid of parasites but also let go of parasitic relationships.

Parasites have their own parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that come with them. From the evolutionary point of view, parasites are at the top of the food chain. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines a parasite as an organism (animal) that lives on or in a host and get its food from or at the expense of its host.

Parasitic infectious relationships and co-infection include virus, Nano-bacteria / archaea, intracellular parasites/ectoparasites, cell wall deficient bacteria, mycoplasma, spirochetes and Lyme, prions, fungi related molds, yeasts and candida, genetically modified biological warfare microbes, and many others.

On a macro level, social, political, economic, emotional, and spiritual parasitic relationships are as important as physical entities of parasites as they steal the energy or money at the expense of the wellness of the host. When I give a lecture on parasites and how parasitic relationships can destroy your health, many audiences fully understand. It can be your forty-year-old adult child living in your house or your spouse.

One physician told me after my lecture that she got rid of one of the largest parasites in her life. I asked her how big and what kind of parasite she had, and she told me she got rid of her husband. She truly understood the meaning of the parasitic relationship. One of my patients with ovarian cancer told me her boyfriend was like a parasite but she could not end the relationship. She ended up dying from the complication of her illness. She described her boyfriend as like a parasite, like “Para-sapiens”, in their relationship.

Negative emotions like anger, guilt, shame, self-doubt, hate, fear, and blame block our body to heal. Positive emotions like love, joy, compassion, truth and trust, and gratitude and forgiveness promote healing. Forgiveness is one of the important parts of awakening the healer within us, as taught in many religious and spiritual teachings.

The book on Forgiveness by Reverend Phyllis Spark from the Soul-Esteem Center and Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping are recommended reading. Rev. Phyllis Sparks recently published another book. Forgiveness is not what you may think it is.

In Rev. Sparks’ Forgiveness book, there was a story of a cat who was upset at her master who was irritating her to the point of leaving her home. The owner always stroked her in the wrong direction, against the line of her fur. The cat could not convince her master what her needs were. The lonely, hungry alley cat who was listening to this cat’s imaginary tragic story told her to count her blessing with gratitude, forgive her master, and sit on the other side of her master for the right direction of the strokes, rather than trying to change her master.

If you feel you are involved in a parasitic relationship with “Para-Sapiens”, you can terminate the relationship or you may need to change your thoughts to blessing, gratitude, and forgiveness. For me, I am wondering if Johannes Fibiger’s roundworm may have caused vitamin A deficiency and indirectly caused the development of cancer. Well, I will forgive, and also forget, Nobel Prize winners gone bad.