Phantom, Weird, Stranger Than You Can Imagine: Exorcism of the Weird People

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Case Stories, Dental, Parasites/Fungi

Are you weird? When I say weird people, I am not talking about some Hollywood characters with the most unusual bizarre behaviors in a fictional movie. Weirdness seems to have become a norm in Hollywood movies. How do you define weirdness when weird is the norm?

There are people suffering everyday with what seems like weird, phantom-like crawling sensations, or serpentine-like creatures living in their body. I listen to these people every day. They have been labelled delusional or weird with phantom sensations, and were treated with psychiatric medications which often make them feel worse. They become the weird people who seem delusional with imagining parasites in their bodies. I recommend you read my short article, “Parasites and Mental Illness: Delusions of Parasitosis.”

About 20 years ago, I was in Germany in a small town for a special training on energy medicine. One of the lecturers talked about weird people who require special medical attention. One of the attending physicians from Portugal raised a hand and asked, what is “weird”? Sometimes, when the question seems so obvious, one never has a chance to answer or fully think about it until someone asks what seems like another mundane question. So, what is weird?

What is weird about patients with unexplainable symptoms? What do you do with these people? Send them to a psychiatrist, rabbi, or priest? Weird has several different meanings in the English dictionary: suggestive of supernatural, unusual, strange, bizarre, eccentric, or uncanny. Phantom means something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality, like a ghost.

When you complain with the words phantom and weird sensations like crawling, itching, biting, burning, or stabbing, you get a puzzling look by your medical doctor. Some patients have uncontrollable movement, nightmare, cursing, hissing, or thunderous burping, like a monster crying out. Some doctors might be kind enough to do blood tests and a stool test for parasites which usually come out as normal. Most of them are ready to prescribe anti-psychotic meds or refer to a psychiatrist.

I saw a 25- year-old young woman, Lisa from Virginia, for her second visit, one month follow up, and evaluation. She said she had severe stomach pain since she was a kid and the pain has been getting worse the last six years. She saw many specialists without much help and has been taking psychiatric medications to manage pain. She describes the pain like a knife stabbing at her abdomen and frequently goes to the Emergency Room for pain management.

On her first visit, the physical exam was unremarkable. Acupuncture meridian assessment revealed 13 out 40 meridians were out of balance. Among the 13 disturbed meridians, the small intestine and stomach meridian disturbance (out of balance) matched with her current symptoms. I prescribed Tinidazole and Praziquantel with herbal parasite and homeopathic remedies. The treatment is based on a bioresonance principle which is basically a statistical probability to rebalance these disturbed meridians.

Rebalancing the sick patient’s meridians is like playing a humanoid musical violin and retuning the strings by listening to the sound, pitch, vibration, and frequency. I happen to use prescribed parasite medications as a medical doctor to re-balance the meridians and eradicate phantom, weird medical conditions.

This young woman started having another episode of severe abdominal pain during her first visit and doubled over in agonizing pain with heavy sweating in the room. We gave pain meds and I gave her acupuncture treatment to diffuse the excess heat. Although I’m licensed in Acupuncture, normally, I do not perform acupuncture but refer to Dr. Pingfan Liu, OMD in our clinic. I was able to avoid sending her to a hospital emergency room.

When I saw her for her second visit, she was a new person. She completed a three week course of parasite meds. She was definitely feeling better and didn’t have any more stabbing abdominal pain. Her meridian assessment indicated she still needs dental work to be done at teeth numbers 17 and 32, old wisdom teeth areas.

The dental X-ray looked perfectly normal but the acupuncture meridian assessment indicated infections in the old wisdom teeth socket areas. I call them phantom cavitations. They need an oral surgeon to clean the infected areas. She will not truly get well until she gets oral surgery and continues maintenance parasite meds for the following several months.

I never give a promise or guarantee to my patients that they will respond to parasite medication for their weird, phantom pain, or crawling sensations. Sometimes they may feel worse before they get better. They need to sign a five page legal disclaimer that treating their conditions based on acupuncture meridian assessment does not necessarily mean that they have active parasite problems but they might be responding to secondary benefits of unknown mechanisms.

Treating weird, phantom sensations by measuring the “immeasurable” meridian matrix, which is not well defined by Western medical science, seems as if you are in a Hollywood movie, for example, Ghost Busters or Exorcism. (Trivia facts: St. Louis is closely connected with the movies Exorcism and Ghost Busters). For those Catholic patients who have travelled from out of state and have faith in me that I can help them, I tell them that treating them with parasite medications for unknown, hidden parasites is like exorcising the devil out of their body. The parasites will release poisons and will try to control your mind to stop taking the medications.

The first round of parasite medications is one of the most crucial and difficult parts of the many steps to take to get well. If you have phantom itch, abdominal pain, or serpentine crawling sensations, it may not be all in your imagination, or delusional. I hope you don’t feel so weird, keep it to yourself, and feel alone. Do a Google search for phantom itch or crawling sensations, and parasites, and you will find parasite stories stranger than you can imagine.