Planet Earth, Human Ecology and Environmental Illness

by | Jan 25, 2003 | Chronic Disease, Self-Help | 0 comments

The greatest single change in human ecology during the last 100 years has been the ever-increasing chemical pollution of the Earth’s environment. The Industrial revolution started with coal burning and later switched to petrochemical based industries. Coal and oil burning home heating and industrial equipment along with the widespread use of automotive products, solvents, synthetic drugs, dyes, heavy metals, plastics, and fabrics, plus detergents, pesticides and other toxic compounds has created an unparalleled chemical contamination of air, water, land, and food on the Earth.

Now, we are confronted with a bumper crop of unexplainable chronic illnesses that the medical professions have never encountered in human history. If you are suffering from chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, low sex drive, fibromyalgia, allergies, hypoglycemia, insomnia, irritability, indigestion, and yeast problems and your doctor said everything is fine, but you feel lousy, think of environmentally induced illness. Often, you are labeled as a hypochondriac or that your illness is not real but is only imagined. You may have gone from one doctor to another without any real diagnosis or clues. When these problems are not corrected in the early stages of illness but the symptoms are simply covered up with medications, you are likely to develop serious detrimental consequences to your health in later years.

Unfortunately, we live in a very toxic environment from which we cannot escape. We have poisoned our planet. Even our houses and the buildings in which we work have become contaminated. Many buildings are causing their occupants to become ill and have created a new phenomenon called “Sick Building Syndrome.”

Is there any hope for environmentally induced illness? Remember that we are a part of all living organisms of the planet. We need to focus on cleaning up our environment – our air, water, land, and food – in order to quit polluting the internal ecology of our bodies. In addition to cutting off the source of pollution in our environment, we need to clean up the internal environment of our bodies from the pollution that has already been thrust upon us. Our bodies require internal cleansing, detoxification, and nutritional support.

Here’s a quick starting plan for cleaning up your internal environment:

  • First step: Drink more water. Water comprises 65-70 % of the human body and good hydration is essential for wellness. An average person should typically drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of filtered water. Drinking tap water is not recommended.
  • Second step: Air pollution is a major problem all over the United States. High pollen and mold counts are a constant source of irritants for the sinuses and lungs. Use air filter systems to remove pollutants such as smoke, dust, and pollen.
  • Third step: Nourish your body with whole foods. Organically grown produce is preferred. Avoid highly processed, industrialized fast foods, and genetically modified foods. A specific nutritional program should be individualized and based on your body metabolic type, blood type, and hidden food allergies.
  • Fourth step: Learn how to cleanse your body using herbal cleanser, fasting, coffee enema, and colonics. Learn how to brush your skin and clean and detoxify your kidneys and liver.
  • Fifth step: Exercise. Healing comes with movement of your body accompanied by proper Exercise in moderation such as walking, bicycling, stretching, Yoga, Tai Chi or gardening.
  • Sixth step: With changes in eating habits, climate, population migrations, and environmental pollution, parasite infections are no longer a problem of just third world countries. Parasites are a major, often undiagnosed, and neglected problem of industrialized countries. Unsuspected parasite infections are one of the most neglected causes of symptoms from irritable bowel syndrome to chronic fatigue. Parasites are often one of a multiple of causes of many seemingly unrelated illnesses. Natural herbal and prescription parasite cleansing medications are safe but underutilized.
  • Seventh step: Avoid sugar and artificial sweetener. Stop drinking soda and diet soda. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are poisoning the internal environment of our bodies.
  • Eighth step: Remove heavy metals, i.e. mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, aluminum, and lead. Chelation therapy has been proven to remove heavy metal toxicity.
  • Ninth step: Proper dental care is a vital component of the treatment plan for environmentally induced illness. Be cautious about “silver” fillings since they often contain approximately 50% mercury and are more appropriately described as mercury fillings. Also be very cautious with root canals, implants, and other allergenic dental materials that are often incompatible with our bodies.
  • Tenth step: Avoid dead end situations. Control your stress level. Healing comes in harmony and balance with nature and the environment in which we live. One’s mind, body, and spirit are connected with the earth and the universe.

These are small steps to take when you are suffering from a vague multitude of so-called “incurable” symptoms resulting from environmentally induced illness. More details on the above actions can be found on my website.