RNA Based Nutrigenomic Therapy: New Treatment for Autism and Neurodegenerative Disease

by | Feb 12, 2007 | Brain/Cognitive, Case Stories, Heavy Metals/Toxins

By the year 2000, the Human Genome Project mapped out about 30,000 genes in Human DNA. DNA based genetic modulation therapy has become the new hope, the “magic bullet” for identifying genetic weak links and possible repair processes through genetic engineering. The actual application of this new knowledge into daily clinical practice has been very limited at this stage.

I’ve been quite skeptical about DNA based medical therapy. I’ve been waiting for the “miracle” to happen. Then I learned about RNA based nutrigenomic therapy by Dr. Amy Yasko and the story of a four year old boy named Dillon and his struggle with autism. Dillon’s genetic testing and the genomic information was the turning point for his gradual deconstruction of the neurological symptoms called “Autism.” He began to communicate outside of his own world!

What is RNA based nutrigenomic therapy? I first heard about RNA based nutrigenomic therapy in 2004 at a medical conference. As usual, I was skeptical about the therapy just as I’ve been about DNA based medical therapy. Then, about mid-2006, I had a chance to have a close discussion with Dr. Garry Gordon, a pioneer in the field of chelation therapy. He told me about great successes from RNA based nutrigenomic therapy for autism conducted by molecular biologist Dr. Yasko, Ph.D., N.D.

Dr. Gordon teamed up with Dr. Amy Yasko in 2004. They have been pushing for genetic testing for genetic defects to identify the susceptibility to disease. Dr. Yasko has had great success with autistic children. She identified environmental excitotoxins, heavy metal toxicity, chronic viral infection, inflammation and genetic deficiency as main culprits of autism. She has successfully treated many autistic children with RNA based nucleotide extracts and nutritional supplements. She coined the term RNA based Nutrigenomic Therapy.

For those of you not familiar with DNA and RNA, I’ll provide a brief explanation. For your body to synthesize proteins and enzymes for growth and repair, information has to be transcribed from the DNA (the original blueprint) in the gene to the specific messenger RNA (carbon copy of the specific duplicated DNA blueprint for that particular protein). The specific messenger RNA will then be translated by ribosomes to synthesize the specific proteins and enzymes for growth and repair.

Repairing a specific defective DNA might be the ultimate goal for gene therapy but it is currently years away from clinical application. It makes more sense and is much easier to correct the problem “downstream” at the RNA level. Correcting a particular genetic DNA defect is currently not clinically practical. However, providing the complementary specific RNA nucleotide to correct the original defective DNA blueprint can be accomplished by Dr. Yasko’s RNA based therapy.

The treatment plan includes genetic profiling to determine a) an intense nutritional program, b) bowel cleansing program, c) heavy metal detoxification, d) excitotoxins elimination, e) the best means of blocking inflammations, and finally, f) using RNA based nutritional support to bypass genetic mutations and correct the individual weak genetic links.

RNA based nutrients can speed up the detoxification of heavy metals when multiple chelation therapy fails to excrete the heavy metals for autistic and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)/PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) children. You can find successful case studies in the book, The Puzzle of Autism: Putting It All Together, by Drs. Garry Gordon and Amy Yasko. Genetic profiling and RNA based nutritional therapy open up new avenues of looking into all chronic and neuro-degenerative disease including Autism, ADD, PDD, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. For those interested in more detail, go to www.longevityplus-rna.com, www.holisticheal.com, and www.testing4health.com.