B.A., Mercury Toxicity

“For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that after undergoing extensive dental treatment I am feeling well. Prior to seeing Dr. Rehme, I had gone through two regimens of dental treatment at two area dental schools…

One year ago, I found that I was suffering from acute mercury toxicity. Several upper molars had shattered around their mercury amalgams. The mercury amalgams were removed from my lower molars and replaced with porcelain. The mercury amalgams in two other teeth were replaced with non-toxic materials. My mercury levels were reduced with DMPS IV’s (intravenous injections) to a level where I can now take DMSA orally. I am continuing to take vitamin and mineral supplements and am still doing periodic liver-gallbladder flushes.

Since beginning treatment with Drs. Yu and Rehme, I have not had a single bout of bronchitis. I no longer suffer anxiety or depression. I am able to wear jewelry without breaking out and not only has my shadow vision improved to the point that I can now safely drive at night, but I can even sometimes read without my glasses – for the first time since the 6th grade! My pet allergies are even a little better. My students no longer complain about my illegible handwriting. We are halfway through the treatment program. I am very optimistic about my full recovery.”