B.H., Acid Reflux and GERD is Not a Disease

“I just wanted to update you… I came to you my when regular doctor felt I had gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and wanted me on Prevacid. You prescribed vitamins, digestive enzymes and couple other natural supplements.

Within a few months I was feeling much better and now it is rare that I ever have stomach acid problems. I weighed 202 pounds when I first came in. I now weigh 180. The pounds fell off this past summer!

I still occasionally take digestive enzymes, especially if I have had a large meal, and take supplemental vitamins but not daily. I did add a probiotic this summer also and that was the cincher in stopping the GERD and losing weight.”

(NOTE: For more, see Dr. Yu’s article, “Acid Reflux and Rebellious Stomach: Killing the Messenger for Profit.“)