C.V., Depressed and Angry after Amalgam Fillings

“Four years ago my husband left college with no job or insurance, and the three of us moved back to my hometown to rent a small house from my mom. We also found dental care at a local college. Within 30 days of having six teeth treated with amalgam fillings I became depressed, angry and unhappy with a six-year marriage. At 46 my menstrual cycle was off, so I thought it must be hormone related…

Thinking I needed saliva testing, I called Dr. Yu. He tested my mouth, but not the saliva. The result was a shocking amount of electrical currents being produced by 12 molars—all with amalgam fillings, i.e. mercury. Reviewing my medical history provided a lot of insight. I had suffered with many illnesses associated with mercury: acne, rheumatoid arthritis, low thyroid, and hyperglycemia (to name a few). It was a mental struggle to home-school my son, run a home, stay active in church, maintain my appearance, control my anger and just live life.

Dr. Yu did a hair analysis and a DMPS. My mercury level excretion was almost five times higher than normal. He gave me lots to read and recommended seeing a dentist for mercury removal… In the process of removing mercury, the metal posts in two front teeth became infected and a root canal started giving me problems. They had to go, too.

It has been three years and we are just about complete with my mouth. It took supplements and dental work to fight and rid my body of mercury. The healing didn’t come overnight, but I noticed changes in chunks. About every three or four months, I would think, “Hey, I feel better, I haven’t been sick, depressed or yelled at anyone.” My energy level is high and most of all, my husband and son have noticed an improvement… Little did I know that run-of-the-mill dental care was my enemy. We have improved our diet and habits and now look forward to a longer, healthier life. Thank you, Doctors Yu and Rehme.”