E.M., Rebuilding My Immune System after Kidney Cancer

“From one day to the next, I developed kidney cancer! Of course, it wasn’t in just one day. It had been developing for some time. How long, no one will ever know…

When I started with Dr. Yu, I began my “second half” of recovering from cancer. Most conventional medical professionals exclusively focus on ridding the body of cancer. They destroy the body and its immune system while attempting to kill the cancer with the poison of chemotherapy and by burning it out with radiation. Of the conventional treatments, surgery is the least destructive to the immune system. The cancer, however, may only be “conquered” temporarily. The “other half” of conquering cancer is to make sure it doesn’t return.

Since starting with Dr. Yu, we discovered I had mercury toxicity, parasites, and weakened organ functions. In my Alternative Medicine research, I found that these are a few of the many causes of weakened immune systems which can lead to cancer or a variety of other illnesses. These “weak links” of my body have been remedied through the following actions: replacement of all my mercury fillings (I like to call them for what they really are and not the euphemistic name of “silver” fillings), chelation for removal of mercury in my body, parasite cleansing, and nutritional support to strengthen weak organ function and build my immune system. I continue with periodic monitoring of my “biological terrain.” This monitoring determines adjustments in my immune building routines to keep me on the right track.

There are no guarantees in life. But I feel I am now taking the positive, proactive steps to maximize my chances that cancer will not return so I can live a healthy life. I am extremely thankful that Dr. Yu has chosen to use his knowledge, training, talents and skills toward for what I consider to be the true practice of healing.”