S.J.B., You Have Given Me My Life Back

“Three years ago Christmas I met you for the first time. I can remember walking into your office feeling very anxious and wondering what I was getting myself into… After my initial surprise when you asked to check my fingers and feet (I was expecting something of a regular physical exam!), I began to realize I was a partner in my own healing. Before this I often felt like the doctor would heal me.

Now I realized you were naming your own hopes and limitations, inviting me to become an active participant in my own healing process. As tests confirmed my mercury level was extremely high, 230. I was unfocused, lacked energy, experienced many sinus infections each season, sore throats were common, upper back pain and pounding headaches added to my discomfort. I felt I was losing my mind and often lost my balance, walking in odd ways, almost feeling a “disconnect” between my legs and the rest of my body. I was dropping things, forever forgetting where I put things, etc. The simplest tasks seemed impossible.

It was at this time you suggested I get an evaluation from Dr. Michael Rehme, DDS, who confirmed your diagnosis that the thirteen fillings in my teeth were probably the source of my problem. When I had mentioned to my former dentist that I was concerned about the mercury he trivialized my fears and assured me there was nothing harmful in mercury fillings.

As I consider how I’ve changed over the past three years I must admit it was a difficult road at times. I would receive chelation therapy from your staff, feel depleted of any energy, and then go to Dr. Rehme’s office for dental work. Sometimes I would drive home wondering if I could do it. Your staff and Dr. Rehme’s were so personally supportive and affirming. I remember you helped me through an especially difficult time by listening without judgment and helping me learn to trust what my body was trying to tell me.”