Woman with Chronic Illness from Parasites

Adapted from Dr.med Helmut Retzek’s introduction on YouTube:

Here is a patient testimonial Dr. Retzek shared with Dr. Yu. After working for months in Egypt, this woman and all her colleagues got sick. When she visited Dr. Helmut Retzek of Austria, the first time she brought pictures of Ascaris (roundworm) larvae creeping out of her eye. She also had a cyst in her face where she felt them moving. He found typical Ascaris larvae in her darkfield blood analysis.

Upon starting parasite treatment by Dr. Retzek per Dr. Yu’s protocol, she had a huge Herxheimer reaction, including epileptic fits and swelling of her entire body, for which she was hospitalized. Since then, she has had tremendous improvement.

In this video, she thanks Dr. Simon Yu of St. Louis, an integrative MD and US Army Reserve Medical Corps physician (retired as a Full Colonel), who developed this form of treatment. Dr. Yu discovered parasites are an underestimated source of many diseases after serving as a Reserve Medical Corps Officer in South America doing parasite treatment for large numbers of people.

Dr. Yu encountered several “miracle-improvements” using parasite medication and wrote two books about his experiences: Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients, and Accidental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life.

Dr. Retzek says he has been very lucky to have attended Dr. Yu’s training on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) in St. Louis three times. The AMA seminar focuses on identification and treatment of often overlooked parasite, fungal, and dental problems. He has also organized three meetings in Europe for doctors and dentists with Dr. Yu. Another physician that has been doing training with Dr. Simon Yu is Dr. Retzek’s respected colleague in Cologne, Germany, Dr. Atel Hemat.

This patient testimonial video was submitted with permission by Dr.med Helmut Retzek, praxis for integrative and biological medicine in Voecklabruck, Austria, www.retzek.info. Watch the YouTube video here.