Y.W., Healthiest 80-year-old Despite “Stuff” Happening – I Love Dr. Yu!

“I was Dr. Yu’s first patient and have been seeing him for over two decades. Dr. Yu found that I had high mercury levels from amalgams in my teeth. Prior to getting rid of them, I was getting sluggish by 3-4 pm. I have always been known for my limitless energy and never felt “tired” during the day – until the last several years.

I also had trouble sleeping when I went to bed, regardless of the time. And there was a “taste” of metal in my mouth. After safe amalgam removal and replacement by a biological dentist, my energy level increased dramatically. I lost the metallic taste, and I am sleeping well whether I go to bed early or late. I seldom fall asleep during movies or theater performances anymore. In addition, I had begun to get migraine headaches about 2 years earlier, coming about 1 or 2 times per month. I have not had one since the filling replacement. I also did chelation with Dr. Yu after removing them.

I am now 80, still working, and in excellent health.”