Twilight Zone in a Dental Chair: MAD at the Sense of Non-Sense in Medicine

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Dental, Professional Training

The Medicine and Dentistry (MAD) professions parallel but rarely interact for their patient care. Many patients suffer, and it is maddening to make sense of non-sense in the medical-dental maladapted disconnection (MD-MD) phenomenon. Sitting in a dental chair is like entering the Twilight Zone: the popular 1960’s TV show which unfolds with eerie – and predictably unpredictable – outcomes. I send many of my patients to biological dentists with trepidation, into an unknown new dimension, to help them heal from chronic Lyme, cancer, neurological disorders, rheumatism, asthma, IBS and more.

For just about every complicated, complex, chronic disease patient, acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) frequently indicates hidden dental problems even when their dental x-ray or cone beam CT scan report is read as normal. Who is right when the dental x-ray report is normal, but AMA indicates a dental problem? AMA is an adjunct diagnostic tool I use to detect disturbances in healthy frequencies along each of the body’s major meridian systems and reflects infections, inflammation and degeneration.

Several years ago, I saw a 65-year-old dentist with severe chronic fatigue who was interested in chelation therapy. Dentists as a profession are more prone to mercury exposure and he was convinced that mercury might be the cause of his severe fatigue. He had a mild positive mercury exposure on a DMPS provocation test, but his biggest problem was a dental-jaw infection at his root-canaled wisdom tooth #32. He believed creating an incorrect dental bite by extracting #32 with potential TMJ was more damaging than an actual (to him theoretical) dental-jaw infection found by my AMA evaluation, which did not show up on x-ray. Subtle electrical frequency disturbances precede visible physical changes.

The biggest hurdle for me is to get my patients to follow my advice regarding medically necessary dental work – even when they are dentists!  I did my best to help him with chelation therapy and nutritional therapy, but it did not make a dent on his fatigue and exhaustion. AMA indicated that all his other meridians were balanced except the dental point, and I could not convince him to extract a root-canaled wisdom tooth. Each time I evaluated him the dental-lymph meridian was his only disturbed meridian, indicating a persistent problem. Eventually he agreed to extract his infected root-canaled wisdom tooth when he came back from vacation in Australia. He never came back to see me. I got a message from his family that flying back to Los Angeles, he had a stroke on the airplane. It was too late. He was in a wheelchair.

Another well-known biological dentist developed advanced prostate cancer, bone metastasis with PSA over 600. I told him he had a dental infection for over two years, but he did not believe that he could have dental cavitation (jawbone infection) because cone beam dental CT scan was negative. By the time he had cavitation surgery, it was too late; with advanced bone metastases he died a few months later.

One of my Parkinson’s disease patients did not respond to medications and also did not respond to detoxification of environmental toxins, chelation therapy and nutritional support. In his case, his AMA indicated a dental problem from a severe TMJ/dental bite malocclusion problem, not from a dental infection. His severe resting tremors of both hands resolved when his dental bite was corrected by a dentist who specialized in TMJ/dental bite related medical problems.

Whatever your medical diagnosis, once you are within the medical-dental-insurance system, you will likely encounter blood, urine and genetic tests, and advanced medical technology imaging, such as CT, MRI, or PET scans. You may feel you are living through the quagmire of “the sense of non-sense in medical care.” You may still get lost with too much medical information that does not prove helpful for your condition. You are not alone. You have entered the Twilight Zone of medical care in a parallel universe. Medical/dental chairs will take you to dubious known unknown unknowns. Be aware! Miracles can happen in the dental chair, or it might be the beginning of a medical nightmare.

The mouth is the entry to the airway and the gut; teeth connect to the brain via trigeminal, mandibular and maxillary nerves, and to every organ in the body via acupuncture meridians. Dental-oral functions control breathing, talking, and chewing and swallowing food: the basic necessities of survival, longevity and health. It is sad but true that many people suffer from a lack of integrated medical/dental knowledge from the age-old disconnections between the medical and dental professions – as if we are living in a Twilight Zone disconnected in a Parallel Universe.

If you have a chronic medical condition and are not responding to standard medical care, think of hidden dental problems (plus parasites, fungi, environmental toxins and EMF). They might be the missing links. My own staff had numerous medical complaints during the COVID-19 pandemic, most likely exacerbated by the stress of “going through the fear of pandemic” with eye problems, acute severe fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing mimicking COVID pneumonia, and hip/knee pain. All of these symptoms traced back to hidden dental infections via AMA testing. COVID-19 tests were negative.

Who profits from the separation of the medical and dental professions? There is no right or wrong answer; you can guess on your own. Each year, I offer AMA Training to connect the missing links between the medical-dental professions and maladapted disconnections (MD-MD). Come to St. Louis August 27-30, 2020 for hands-on AMA training on how to detect and treat hidden dental-allergy-parasite-fungal problems and unravel the mysteries of MD-MD phenomena. You will enter into a Twilight Zone and learn how to detect eerie, hidden problems to help patients achieve better outcomes. Recruit your dentist or medical doctor to attend my AMA training and build a MAD team.

Dr. Paul Greenacre, DDS from Ottawa, Canada will be a special guest speaker on the medical-dental (MD) disconnection, along with Mike Rehme, DDS, past president of IAOMT, and Dawn Ewing, PhD, executive director of IABDM. The first two days will focus on AMA and how to detect parasite/fungal problems with hands-on AMA training, and the last two days will focus on dental-related medical problems. Space is limited and reserved for health professionals. For more information, see AMA Training on my website.