Uncircumcised Unvaccinated – Distorted Vaccine Immunology & COVID-19

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Immunology is complicated. The immune system has a complex Cellular Sense connecting the Brain-Gut-Immune system and clinical immunology is even more complicated, with unpredictable interactions of immune cells with self and the outside environment. What do vaccine critics think? They are concerned with potential short-term and long-term side effects of COVID mRNA vaccinations. There may be complex unforeseen immune responses; some are concerned about genetic manipulation, aka scientists playing God; and virologists are not necessarily immunologists. That is my quick interpretation after attending a Vaccine and Immunology medical conference.

Vaccine immunology is distorted beyond sound logic by mixing science with statistics, politics and money. On the other hand, anti-vaxx critics are emotionally charged on the opposite spectrum with their own rigid dogma that mRNA COVID vaccination is unproven and dangerous, despite growing evidence. In this absurd distorted opposite worldview, there are people, men and women who would rather get circumcised (Godly) than getting COVID vaccination (against playing God). It is never too late to get circumcised and never too late to be vaccinated. I received every known vaccination except anthrax as a US Army physician. I was vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for reasons not based on fear, convenience or science, but based on my own reality distortion field. I want to go to Egypt.

Reality distortion field is a term first used at Apple in 1981 to describe company co-founder Steve Jobs’ charisma and its effects on developers working on the Macintosh project: belief in almost anything. A reality distortion field can be used for the right cause or for a sinister purpose.  Big Tech, Big Pharma and media are fully engaged behind the distorted reality fields of medicine and vaccines.

The idea of circumcision has nothing to do vaccination, and yet is somehow entangled in distorted reality. Let me explain. The best and the brightest scientists from NIH and CDC strongly believe that vaccination is the best tool we must have to beat the COVID-19 pandemic based on modern science. The Administration has enacted mandatory vaccinations at federal, health care, and large employers.

Still, a lot of my patients refuse COVID-19 vaccination. They don’t believe in vaccinations for many reasons. I remind them they are my very difficult, bad patients. They ignore me. I tell them that I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer, and I am not too concerned about either COVID or vaccination side effects. My primary focus is to support my patients’ immune systems with diet, nutritional support and detox. I do not use Ivermectin for COVID, but I have been using it for the last 20 years for parasites, and most of my patients do very well on it for all kinds of medical conditions including COVID.

If you think circumcision is controversial, mRNA COVID-19 vaccination really brings out vitriol emotion among vaccine opponents, who claim that mRNA based vaccination is not a true vaccine but gene therapy. Some prominent physicians and scientists claim this vaccine will harm or kill more people than others vaccines; I prefer not to name them, as naming and shaming is popular big business on all sides now. Their concerns are that mRNA gene therapy may trigger local and systemic inflammatory response including mimicking autoimmune response. They expect an increase in the death rate from all kinds of chronic unexplainable illness in the next 2-3 years. Yet we already have seen a large increase in the death rate from COVID-19, and Delta variants, etc. Who is right?

More specifically, by artificially upregulating antibody response (B-cell Humoral immune response) with COVID vaccination, they are concerned the immune system will automatically down regulate T-cell immune response, down regulate Transfer Factor-dialyzable antigen specific activators of dendritic cells and suppress or alter innate T-cell cellular immune response. It is referred to as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), and may result in attacking one’s own cells and organs.

My recommendations: For those unvaccinated and uncircumcised, it is never too late to circumcise or vaccinate. That is a personal choice. I do not enforce vaccination, but mask wearing in my office is mandatory. I am circumcised and vaccinated. Circumcision and vaccination were not same. After vaccination, I had mild fever, chills, myalgia and fatigue for two days. But it was no big deal.

If you have preexisting medical conditions and autoimmune disease, or are pregnant, I would be more concerned with antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), immune dysregulation, and paradoxical reactions; most people are not aware that they have dental or parasite problems and a compromised immune system. CDC announced new research showing the vaccine caused no increase in miscarriages and now recommends it for pregnant women. People with preexisting autoimmune disease or pregnant woman should be exempt from mandates since we still don’t fully understand potential side effects until further study. But they can choose to get vaccination; it is a personal choice, as potential side effects from vaccination must be weighed against health impacts from catching this unfortunate illness.

It may not be necessary for mandatory vaccination if you have already had COVID infection and recovered. You have developed natural immunity, a basic immunologic response. The Israeli population is going through a major paradoxical phenomenon with a rise in Delta and new variants which is no surprise if you understand the behavior of selective viral mutations and host response from vaccination. You may need to balance concerns for other family members, desire for travel, or employer mandates.

For people who are vaccinated, don’t let the anti-vaxx crowd shame you. They have to deal with their own fears and righteous attitudes. To overcome possible vaccination complications, COVID infection, and prevent Post COVID and Long COVID, support your immune system with proper diet, exercise, detox, dental work, parasite cleansing and nutritional support. Emotional and spiritual support is paramount. Turn off the TV and Internet, enjoy nature. The immune system has a seventh sense and responds to infections but also to fear, joy, emotion and spiritual consciousness. Have fun, be happy, socially engaged, sensible, and wear a mask when appropriate. Get informed and try not to be too cynical in this distorted reality field of COVID policy; defy the ideologues on both sides.

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