Unscientific Bias of Modern Medicine on Life Force: Immunotherapy and Energy Healing

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Cancer, History of Medicine

The new wonder of modern medicine, Immunotherapy, is considered, “as God’s gift, the chosen elixir, the cure for cancer,” according to Dr. John Timmerman, an oncologist and immunotherapy researcher at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).  It has been hailed as a new breakthrough in cancer treatment, attracting billions of research dollars and offering new hope to patients out of options, willing to spend whatever it takes. As the use of immunotherapy grows, doctors are finding that these drugs pose serious risks that stem from the very actions that make them effective.

These drugs work by stimulating the immune system to fight cancers. The downside is that an unleashed immune system can attack healthy, vital organs: notably the bowel, liver and lung, but also kidneys, adrenal and pituitary glands, pancreas and heart. Doctors at Yale believe immunotherapy is causing a new type of acute-onset diabetes and a myriad of other side effects. Immunotherapy is the latest triumph of medical science for curing cancer; it can literally melt tumors. But it also triggers unusual inflammatory immune response. Dr. Timmerman describes, “We are playing with fire,” resulting in, “a mass riot, an uprising” of the immune system. (The New York Times, December 4, 2016).

This New York Times article reminds us that the best medical science deals with constantly evolving, relative Truth. Our body’s immune system is too complex to fully comprehend, to manipulate with targeted immunotherapy, and to predict interactions outside of test tubes. We are emotional and spiritual beings living with trillions of human cells, microbes to which we serve as host, and microbiomes in our physical bodies.

Today’s modern scientific instruments can only measure four percent of the Universe as stars, moons and galaxies. The rest of the Universe is made of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, which means we don’t know much about them. Understanding Dark Energy and Dark Matter are two of the Holy Grails in physics. I have addressed the limitation of physical science in previous articles, including, Disappearance of the Universe as we know it for WIMPs, and Placebo Effects on the Brain’s Inner Pharmacy.

Every year, medical journals publish skeptics, usually MD’s and PhD’s, who attack energy medicine as unscientific and unproven, based on “biology of belief” placebo effects, and fuzzy quantum physics. I don’t blame them for trying to defend the rigor of science-based validation for proof and reproducibility. However, there are too many unknown natural phenomena that are mysteries to us for science alone to explain, yet it does not mean they do not exist.

It is possible that “biology of belief” might be more powerful than immunotherapy in influencing our immune system and genetic expression. Recent research shows that children are influenced subconsciously by their parents even before birth. Parents act as genetic engineers for their children in the months before conception in a process of “genomic imprinting” through the subconscious mind, and through the influence of conscious parenting (Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.). Additionally, our mind has deep impact on our body, and may change gene expression profiles through meditation and yoga practice. Research found a clear down-regulation of pro-inflammatory genes in the yoga group in a controlled study (Mae-Wan Ho, Ph.D.).

There have been many documented anecdotal, successful cancer therapies based on Energy Healing and yet, they cannot be measured or consistently reproduced under the scrutiny of the scientific method. Hence, they are considered unscientific and derided as quackery, or at best, “fringe” alternative medicine. Don’t even mention the esoteric sciences of aura, ether, miasmas, orgone, Prana, psychic surgery, radionics or vital force to academic scientists or physicians.

So, what is the Life Force? The Life Force is central to many forms of energy healing, including acupuncture, Reiki and Qigong. It is the energy flows in the acupuncture meridian system of the body, and is basic to alternative medicine. In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is called Chi, in Ayurvedic medicine, it is called Prana. In other cultures it has been called bioplasma, bioenergy, biogravity, orgone, and many other names. In the West today it is called “subtle energy.” It is believed to respond to and interact with consciousness and subconsciousness. In fact, it may be the essence of consciousness itself. It is the “building energy” which reverses entropy: “syntropy” per Buckminster Fuller’s definition of the relation to the whole system. It brings order out of chaos, and makes life possible.

Physicist Claude Swanson, PhD published the most comprehensive books on the breakthrough physics of energy medicine and healing, Chi and Quantum consciousness in his landmark two-volume series, The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal and, Life Force: the Scientific Basis.

Physicians or skeptics who do not believe in energy healing should read these two books. Modern medical science is in crisis, is critical of alternative medicine, and dogmatically embraces an unscientific bias regarding the Life Force, which they barely comprehend. Yet they are willing to accept immunotherapy as God’s gift.

If we accept the concept of the Life Force, prevention should be our goal thru modification of our lifestyles, and changes in our belief systems that genetics is not our final destiny. We can change our genetic expression thru nutrition, intention, attention, compassion, our actions, and paying attention to what medical and dental materials are installed in our bodies, and whether they are biocompatible with our immune systems. Is it possible to reverse the expression of gene variants with a shift in our thoughts and belief? Bruce Lipton and Mae-Wan Ho believe it is.