Who is Afraid of Hulda Clark? Asymmetric Warfare on Cancer

by | Aug 10, 2010 | Cancer, History of Medicine, Parasites/Fungi

Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. passed away one year ago. It is time to honor her and remember her as a great humanitarian and medical researcher in the field of alternative medicine. She challenged conventional medicine and changed the direction of the future of medicine.

I had met her on two occasions at medical conferences. I was amazed that such a humble and modest person had the audacity to write a book called The Cure for All Cancer. Her theories are unconventional yet she provided over 100 successful cases in her book. She even wrote a book called The Cure for All Disease.

Hulda Clark believed that parasites are the culprit for the development of cancer and Flukes are the main cancer causing parasite. According to her, humans are heavily infested with parasites, particularly the intestinal fluke, Fasciolopsis buskii, plus many other flukes and the common roundworm, Ascaris.

She said contamination of the food supply from petroleum products with solvents, including isopropyl alcohol, benzene, methanol, xylene and toluene, accelerate tumor growth. In the presence of isopropyl alcohol Fasciolopsis buskii can complete its entire life cycle in the human body, without requiring a snail as an intermediate host.

The completion of the life cycle of Fasciolopsis buskii in the liver establishes the malignant process, namely by the production of the mitotic stimulant, ortho-phospho-tyrosine. A common bacterium species, Clostridium, manufactures isopropyl alcohol in the digestive tract under the influence of toxic dental restoration material. There are several more complicated steps that occur for the development of cancer cells. She uses a Syncrometer to detect parasites and uses a Zapper to kill parasites. It sounds like far-fetched bad science fiction.

Her theories are hard to accept from my traditional medical training viewpoint and I am not here to defend her hypotheses. However, she has unusual observations between the complex life cycle of parasites, their interaction with hidden environmental toxicities, and the development of cancer cells.

I do not specialize in cancer therapy, however, I have also observed many “spontaneous” disappearances of tumors in my patients while balancing the patients’ meridians by parasite eradication, heavy metal detoxification, nutritional support, elimination of food allergies, and correcting hidden dental problems. I would not dismiss her theories. I am just curious as to how she came to all her controversial conclusions.

To fight cancer, you have to prepare a “battle plan war strategy.” Asymmetric warfare is a new buzzword that is being used by the American military. Although the word has several meanings, it is often used to describe an enemy that hides in plain sight. When we declare war on cancer, the battle against parasites is an example of asymmetric warfare.

Asymmetric warfare is synonymous with guerilla warfare, a Spanish expression that means “little war.” Military historians understand that innovative asymmetric tactics have changed the outcomes of battles as well as world history. To detect and fight invisible parasites, you must adopt asymmetric warfare.

Are the medical schools and medical scientists training future medical doctors to handle asymmetric biological threats like parasites, heavy metals, environmental pollutions, nutritional deficiencies, and hidden dental problems? I doubt it. Traditional medical use of antibiotics, chemo therapy and radiation therapy are not ready for asymmetric biological warfare.

If Hulda Clark was involved in the war on cancer metaphorically, she understood the danger of asymmetric threats beyond traditional thinking. She knew the real danger is coming from unrecognized parasites, environmental pollutions and hidden dental problems. Einstein once said, “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Is she a visionary or a hoax with a bizarre claim?

We must think differently! Read my new book, Accidental Cure, and understand the concepts of biological terrain, bio-cybernetic matrix, acupuncture meridian assessment, and asymmetric warfare. The book explains the paradigm change of “curing” the incurable by addressing five principal underlying causes of illness. The idea closely correlates with Hulda Clark’s strategy from a medical doctor’s point of view.

The five therapies that address the causes of illness in the book are: parasites elimination by prescribed medications, detoxification therapy including mercury amalgam removal, detecting and eradicating hidden dental infections, resolution of food allergies, and nutritional and dietary support.

If we are engaged in the War on Cancer, (first) we need to define who our enemy is, (second) who our friends are who support our immune system and (third) understand the battle field, the biological terrain. Then, who is our enemy? The enemy is not what you think or what you have been told.

If we do not take Hulda Clark’s message seriously, the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex will march us into the perpetual war on cancer, the road to ruin, simply because we didn’t know who our enemy is. So, who is afraid of Hulda Clark?