Wisdom Teeth, Undetected Tooth Infections and Incurable Medical Symptoms

by | Jan 11, 2004 | Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, Dental, History of Medicine

Tooth extractions of wisdom or other teeth are part of the ritual of most American teenagers as they become adults in the United States. What is unknown and shocking news is that tooth socket infections are very common after tooth extractions. These infections are often overlooked for the cause of unexplainable symptoms from fatigue, headaches, arthritic pain, heart problems, insomnia, neurological symptoms, hormonal imbalance, emotional and psychological disturbances, intestinal problems and severe facial pain.

The time it takes for medical symptoms to occur after tooth extraction can vary from a few weeks to many years later. The time depends on an individual’s general physical condition, nutritional state and adaptability to stress.

Dr. Weston Price, DDS, was the Chairman of, and a leading researcher for, the Research Section of the American Dental Association from 1914 to 1923. In 1923, he published a two volume work of 1174 pages detailing his findings on the danger of root canals and old tooth extraction sites, and their associated infections, and the systemic effects on our bodies.

Root canal therapy, which consists of filling in the root canal in the tooth, often leaves bacteria in the dentin tubules and surrounding areas. There are approximately three miles of micron-sized dentin tubules in most teeth. It was also found that sockets of old tooth extraction sites often had not filled in completely. This left spaces in the bones of the jaw which allowed infections to grow. It was later found that these cavitations (infections in the bony socket of the tooth and jawbone) can be infected with 20 to 30 species of bacteria.

An individual may not have overt dental related symptoms but a myriad of medical symptoms may be present. It may not be at all obvious, or even suspected, that a connection exists between hidden dental infections and their medical conditions. In fact, X-rays often do not reveal cavitations. A hidden cause‑effect relationship between dental infections and medical symptoms is a phenomenon referred to as “focal infection.”

Focal infection simply means that an infection in one part of the body travels to, and creates an infection in, another part of the body. As an example, it is openly accepted that dental infection can cause endocarditis (an infection of the heart valves) and rheumatic heart disease. It is also known and accepted that individuals with joint replacements, such as a hip replacement, must take antibiotics before every dental visit due to the spreading of bacteria from the teeth to the joints. The seriousness of dental infections is understood by realizing that the magnitude of focal infection covers all aspects of chronic degenerative medical conditions. This includes arthritis, cancer, neurological disorders, and many others too numerous to mention.

Another aspect of dental infection that is truly remarkable and makes infections reappear, even years later, is the polymorphic ability of bacteria. This refers to their ability to adapt and mutate in extreme environments. They can change shape and size, thrive in the absence of oxygen, and become stronger with their toxins becoming more toxic. In addition, long-term antibiotic therapies only promote prolific mutation and polymorphism.

The lack of a reliable test for cavitations and the minimal dental discomfort from tooth extractions allowed cavitations to often be overlooked and untreated. Therefore, cavitations are very rarely suspected as a cause of chronic medical conditions. Kinesiology muscle testing, bone scan, and thermographic imaging have been used in attempting to localize dental problems but none of these have been consistently reliable.

Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (described on our website), a new way of assessing our body energy flows based on acupuncture principles, can easily guide a qualified practitioner to break the secret of cavitations. In fact, complex dental-medical relationships are one of the most common scenarios I detect when I evaluate patients who have previously been evaluated by numerous medical specialists with unsuccessful results or without any idea as to what is causing the patient’s problem. The other common causes of medical symptoms I find in this type of patient include parasites, food allergy problems, heavy metal problems and nutritional deficiencies.

When the secret of the dental linkage to the body is broken, a Biological Dentist can finally correct the hidden infections and reverse the long‑lasting chronic degenerative medical mysteries. When the dental infections are properly corrected, the response can be almost miraculous. The most difficult part of the corrective process may simply be finding the right dentist who truly understands the dental-body relationships.

At this point, you are probably wondering, “If infections from root canals and extractions are so common and such a frequent cause of many unexplainable medical symptoms, why is it so unknown to dental and medical professionals?” The answer to this question is revealed in a 70 year cover-up of this information as explained in Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George E. Meinig, DDS. (For more information, see www.price-pottenger.org.)