Back Cover: Read advance reviews
Back Cover: Read advance reviews
“You hold in your hands the key to a healthier future. If you want your other doctors to begin this journey as well, gift them a copy of AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine and encourage them to study and learn from this exceptional physician.”

John Trowbridge, MD, Tne Yeast Connection, Houston, TX

“In my wildest dreams, I could not have believed that I would ever have gotten back to the place that I am today; I have literally gone from wrecked to recovered. I am truly blessed and forever grateful.”

Scott Forsgren, Better Health Guy, Santa Clara, CA

“A true pioneer in our quest for health, Dr. Yu puts patients first. To find the causes of health problems, Dr. Yu looks where few health professionals dare to look: the oral cavity.”

Dr. Douglas L. Cook, DDS, Rescued by My Dentist, Suring, WI

“Dr. Yu combines years of experience and expertise in Western and Eastern Medicine, detailing his approach to chronic illnesses: a valuable resource for patients and physicians.”

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC, The Resonance Effect, Portland, OR

“All of this is seen through the eyes of a retired U. S. Army Colonel who looks at the challenge of chronic illness in the same way Sun Tzu’s The Art of War addresses military theory and practice.”

John L. Wilson, Jr., MD, Great Smokies Medical Center, Asheville, NC

“I implore dentists to read this book and understand they have a choice to make. They can continue to be ‘Tooth Carpenters’ or embark on the most satisfying learning journey of their lives.”

Blanche Grube, DMD, Centers for Healing, Scranton, PA

“Thanks, Dr. Yu, for enabling me to help poor village patients in India! AMA testing is a non-invasive and inexpensive test when compared to analysis of metabolic profile and hormonal assessment in functional medicine.”

Vijay Mohan, MD, Divine Touch Clinic, India

“Encountering this book is an extraordinary happiness. It will be very helpful to doctors who want an advanced and comprehensive understanding of your approach to Medicine.”

Wooryong Kim, MD, Seoul, Korea