Chaplain Paul Johnson
Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, MDiv
Paul is an ordained, Non-Denominational Minister with over 40 years of experience in ministry to people of all different Faith Traditions. He has served as a Therapist, Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, Hospital Chaplain and Chaplain for Health and Wellness.

In meeting our goal for treating the whole person, Body, Mind and Spirit and creating a maximum opportunity for healing, Chaplain Paul’s services for patients and families at Prevention and Healing include the following:

Provides individual consultation for patients to assess their Health and Wellness and to identify areas that need strengthening.

Participates in the free monthly seminar meeting on the second Tuesday of each month providing resources for health and wellness.

Helps patient develop a “Health and Wellness Plan of Care” to support their “Medical Plan of Care”. Family Consultation.

Provides teaching and educational opportunities for dealing with complex Issues of Human Spirituality, Chronic Disease, End of Life, Spiritual Assessment, Spiritual Empowerment, Healing and Maintaining Health and Wellness.

To contact Chaplain Paul, call our office or his cell 314-440-1527 or his email: